Gemini and Scorpio Compatibility

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Partner's Sign
Imaginative Gemini and dynamic Scorpio would make a good couple if they could get along with each other. At first, a fire is burning in the bedroom, but soon the partners discover that sex is not everything. Scorpio has sensuality, he is passionate, demanding, jealous and inflexible. Gemini is fickle, windy, superficial, careless. They were born for a secular life, and Scorpio loves solitude. A suspicious Scorpio will constantly "boil" because of Gemini's dismissive attitude to love. Very soon their patience will run out, and the union will break up.
The animal magnetism of Scorpio instantly attracts the attention of a partner who loves everything unusual and alluring. Scorpio is far from being as simple as most of the others around, which allows you to keep your partner's interest for a long time. He knows exactly how to conduct a subtle psychological game so that the partner's attention does not weaken and does not switch to another object.

The issue of jealousy is acute between the lovers, since the kings of flirting Gemini throws up reasons every now and then. Scorpio with dignity withstands such blows to self-esteem, but inside jealousy is constantly gnawing because of the partner's desire to surround himself with numerous people. But, on the whole, the union is favorable. Tenderness constantly emanates from the Gemini representative, which serves as a catalyst for passion. Lovers, thanks to this, can keep freshness and sharpness of feelings for many years.
Even they themselves understand that Gemini is not created for marriage. They are real romantics who burden the gray family everyday life. Despite this, they are quite willing to get married, hoping that the partner will do the lion's share of the work for him. But as if not so! Scorpio of this constellation is simply impossible to use to your advantage. They are economic, rational and do not make unnecessary gestures. There is an order in life that they are able to bring themselves, but the partner is simply obliged to support it. Nothing will work without it.

Scorpios will have to forget about late returns home. They will require assistance from the partner, financial support, solutions to domestic troubles, and participation in all matters related to the family. Taking out the trash, playing with children and nailing shelves will become their constant duty, from which they will not be able to get away. At first, this can cause a rebellion in the Gemini's soul, because the burden of responsibility is so unbearable for him! But with Scorpio, it's either that or nothing.
The weak side of the pair. Due to fundamentally different approaches to business and life, bright collisions can occur between Scorpio and Gemini. It is better if Scorpions happen to become a leader. They are cunning, have the talent of a strategist, and are able to make thoughtful management decisions while colleagues lack perseverance and consistency. Gemini's short-sightedness periodically puts the success of the common cause at risk, and his desire to be self-willed and violate the rules of behavior in the team can be sharply discussed by the boss.

What should be entrusted to Gemini is negotiating and making deals. His ability to convince knows no bounds, which will help to get the most profitable and complex contracts. Colleagues will have to learn to find a common language, make compromises and accept common rules of the game, because without them, joint work will turn into a field of conflict of interests of two fundamentally different people.
The strength of the union. The sexuality of Scorpio delights and amazes Gemini, who loves good and high-quality sex. And is there a partner more skilled than Scorpio? Having been in bed once, the partner will never agree to anything less. Sex will become frequent and intense (Scorpio is responsible for this), as well as diverse and interesting (Gemini will take care of this).

Strangely enough, but infidelity in a couple is rare, even with the constant desire of Gemini to new horizons. If such a thing happens, it's definitely not because of the quality of intimacy, which is always on top. A fickle lover periodically thinks about going to the left, but with the right behavior of the partner, this probability is reduced to zero, since Scorpio requires a lot of attention to himself, and the partner simply does not have enough strength for parallel erotic adventures.