Gemini and Sagittarius Compatibility

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These opposing zodiac signs are drawn to each other like magnets. Spiritual communication gives them the greatest pleasure, because they have a wide range of diverse interests. Sagittarius is more intellectual, Gemini tends to social life. Both are restless, love to argue and need freedom. Perhaps they will be disappointed in sex, because both are reserved, and the Twins will not reach into their pockets for a critical word. Probably, this novel will end as violently as it began.
In love, Gemini and Sagittarius are able to achieve almost perfect compatibility. Both, being close, like sponges absorb what they are particularly impressed with in a partner. Gemini's fantasy and lightness will come in handy for Sagittarius, and will help him become a little less serious. And Sagittarius will add fire and energy of action to the relationship.Both will love sincerely and passionately. The ease with which they will come together will amaze even them. They will be able to talk on different topics, and at the same time they will understand each other. The freedom of both partners and their orientation towards society will make the relationship more dynamic and open than in combination with other zodiac signs.

Gemini and Sagittarius enjoy spending time both together and apart, while not moving away from each other, even if they have different companies or hobbies. Their love is easy and unconstrained, and none of them obliges to something more. This couple can live their whole life without entering into an official marriage, since both are not as serious about the institution of marriage as other signs.
These zodiac signs do not get married in a hurry. Their decision will be considered and considered. But at the beginning of marriage, you still can't do without misunderstandings. Gemini and Sagittarius have very different ideas about marriage. Gemini is burdened by everyday life and believes that all everyday issues should be solved somehow by themselves, without their participation. Of course, with this state of affairs, the house with all its worries falls on the shoulders of Sagittarius, who themselves do not really gravitate to the role of the keeper of the hearth. Another stumbling block in marriage can be money, which Gemini always flows like sand through his fingers.

Sagittarius will be responsible for sanity in marriage, if he is destined to become strong and long-lasting. As a child, he is purposeful, promising, as a rule, demanding and strict. Therefore, in a marriage with Twins, they risk becoming a parent not only for children, but also for their frivolous partner.
It will be difficult for Gemini and Sagittarius to work together. In a working tandem, an undisputed leader is immediately outlined — Sagittarius. They are really good at work and know how to lead, competently setting tasks and correcting work in the process of its implementation. But the Twins do not know how to obey, and if you start to put pressure on them, they begin to get lost and confused, or even disappear altogether.

A lot of work will cost both to work together. If Sagittarius and Gemini decide to work together, they just need to agree on the distribution of roles and develop a clear plan of action, otherwise there will be no avoiding resentment and confusion in the work. In business, it is better to participate on equal terms and make financial injections in equal shares, so as not to bring matters to mutual suspicions of withholding income.
The sexual compatibility of Gemini and Sagittarius in bed is perfect. Partners are very easy about sex and do not consider it a factor that will contribute to the creation of a family. But on the other hand, a strong friendship is often a prerequisite for the beginning of sexual intimacy.

Gemini in sex are attentive to their partner, he likes to say compliments, while being extremely eloquent and showering his partner with tender words. He fills sex with obligatory preliminary caresses and courtship, which is very impressive to the romantic Sagittarius.