Gemini and Pisces Compatibility

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Their relationship is saturated with passion as much as problems. Emotional Pisces are too easily offended by careless Twins. Gemini is sly and playful, and Pisces is sensitive and takes everything to heart. Everyone cheats in their own way: Gemini hides a lot, Pisces hides from reality. Gemini needs freedom and new horizons, Pisces needs immense admiration. Pisces simply cannot feel safe with the eternally wandering Twins and try to limit the freedom of the partner. Once in a confined space, the Twins will begin to suffocate.
Sometimes Gemini can be so convincing in their speeches that they are able to turn the head of Pisces and convince them of the seriousness of their intentions. Although, each of them perceives the concept of “seriousness" in their own way. Love for Pisces is an all-consuming force that will make everything take a back seat for a while. Gemini's approach to feelings is less thorough, and their love relationships occur, as it were, in passing, while feelings do not disrupt the usual course of events. They continue to lead an active social life, meet friends, and devote time to their own hobbies. Pisces at the same time experience a lack of communication with a loved one, feel lonely.

Pisces tends to spend more time alone with Gemini, talk about their feelings, indulge in joint dreams. But such a lifestyle quickly bores the partner, they can not dive as deeply into love as his partner. Soon, the eternally offended partner, the implanted sense of guilt, becomes a burden, and he begins to move away until he disappears from the radar altogether.
In rare cases, a couple's relationship can reach the registry office and become a difficult test for both. Gemini are not exemplary partners and constantly try to shift the maximum responsibility onto the shoulders of their partner, especially in matters of the economic part and everything that he himself finds tedious.

And Pisces can hardly be called the keepers of the hearth, who pick up the abandoned partner and carry on for two. Chaos will reign in their house, because Gemini is too fast and superficial to deal with home improvement, and Pisces is so dissolved in dreams and thoughts that there will be neither strength nor desire left for the household. Although both zodiac signs are not in conflict, quarrels will arise in the family every now and then, the source of which will be Pisces. They strive to ensure that the partner spends more time at home and pays attention to the children. Gemini are funny, but very irresponsible, who, like fireworks, appear for a second in the lives of their loved ones, and again disappear into space.
Despite some irrationality, business partners work in their own, and rather effective, manner, have similar approaches to solving problems. If their field of activity is creativity, then they are able to achieve significant success, thanks to the subtle flair and intuition of a lady, and the lightness of a man.

Pisces is able to give incredibly powerful energy boost to creative Twins. They will balance his excessive ambitions, nourish him with confidence and calm him down. If the joint work will involve accurate calculations and planning, it is better to abandon the Fish immediately. The specifics frighten the Twins, because the work in which they cannot masterfully maneuver with the help of their oratorical talent and communication skills will not appeal to them and will be in vain. Having made several attempts, the Twins will refuse to work as unpromising, and all responsibility will fall on the shoulders of Pisces, and they will not be able, and they will not want to push a stone uphill alone.
Gemini and Pisces will have a good compatibility in their intimate life. Gemini, who have a more pronounced sexual temperament, need frequent sex, while they do not invest deep feelings in it. Pisces, on the other hand, prefer high-quality, unhurried sex, even if it is not so frequent.

Partners have a good chance to balance each other by making sex more frequent and sensual. In addition, Gemini will surely offer their partner something interesting, inspire with enthusiasm and thirst for bold experiments. Together they will overcome the shyness of Pisces and make their relationship bright and harmonious, even if only sex remains their goal in itself.