Gemini and Libra Compatibility

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This couple is harmonious not only in the intellectual aspect, but also in all others. They stimulate each other and enjoy an easy, delightful romance. Both are not prone to rivalry and will probably always come to an agreement. They are gentle, love entertainment, social life and travel. Violent in sex, they are not jealous, do not make excessive demands on each other. Libra is going to meet Gemini, who is disposed to experiment. Their only problem is that they both like to spend money. In all other respects, the union is perfect.
Love overtakes them instantly and does not let them come to their senses. Gemini and Libra converge very quickly. Their communication develops by itself, going as if by notes. Lovers feel an incredible mutual attraction and kinship of souls, which makes their relationship beautiful and romantic.

Gemini is a master of making surprises and organizing leisure time. They are never boring. Refined and sublime Libra bathe in great attention, literally mesmerize the speeches of a sweet-voiced partner who knows how to pick up the key to the heart of any partner. At the stage of falling in love, this is the happiest of couples who enjoy life and each other.
Marriage is not an easy one. Libra strives for balance and order in the family, but it is difficult to call a harmonious relationship. Gemini is constantly engrossed in searches that take them far from home. They are passionate about friends and their own interests, and the family has to be content with the crumbs of attention that remain. Of course, this offends the partner and causes irritation. Libra does their best to keep the partner in the walls of the house, imputing to them various household duties. But are they able to keep a Twin?

Spouses have different attitudes to everyday life and finances, on the basis of which conflicts can break out. And partners always quarrel loudly and with feeling. In addition, the issue of loyalty is acute in the couple. Since Gemini constantly throws up reasons for jealousy, the partner often walks with a stone on his soul, suspecting them of side relationships. Sometimes these suspicions are far from groundless.
A business union is quite possible, but partners should choose professions related to creativity to work together. In both, there is not enough perseverance and consistency, therefore, for the most rational management of the process, it is worth attracting signs of Earth or Fire to work. Earth signs will help to balance the potentials of colleagues, direct their energy in the right direction. Representatives of the Fiery Element will breathe life into their ideas and give a vector.

Gemini and Libra are too disconnected from reality in order to consistently and scrupulously overcome the difficulties that happen in any business. Emotional instability, characteristic of business partners, twists energy vortices around them, which absorb others into themselves. Sometimes there is a situation that there is simply no one to defuse the heated atmosphere and calm colleagues. It becomes simply impossible to conduct business in such an atmosphere.
Sex in union can be very good. However, Gemini is always in a hurry somewhere, and Libra can not adjust to their biorhythms in any way. Libra needs time and mood in order to be ready for intimacy at a time when the partner lives at some kind of super speeds. If the lovers manage to overcome this difficulty, their joys will become vivid and memorable, and Libra will be completely satisfied both physically and mentally.

There is no constraint between them. The experiments that Gemini constantly offers, the partner supports with great enthusiasm, which brings sharpness and variety to the intimate life. Lovers should avoid stories about former attachments, so as not to upset each other. This is especially true for Libra, who painfully perceive any mention of their partner's exes.