Gemini and Leo Compatibility

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Partner's Sign
These are passionate lovers who give each other real pleasure. Playful Twins find a clockwork partner in a lively, sociable Leo. The self-confident Leo looks through his fingers at the Twins flirting with others. However, the mockery of Gemini can anger the proud Leo, and he will probably demand more adoration than the one that Gemini is ready to demonstrate. In society, everyone tends to outshine the other, but they will have a lot of fun doing it. Both like to laugh and strike sparks out of each other in bed.
Their love is beautiful. Gemini knows how to look after beautifully and does not spare any mental strength for this. He is rarely rich, but he more than compensates for the lack of finances with imagination. Leo loves attention to his own person, and in this relationship literally bathes in it. The relationship from the first days is very passionate. During the lapping period, lovers can often argue and quarrel, but conflicts do not become protracted, for this Gemini is too benevolent and his partner is generous.

The candy-bouquet period is filled with romance. Leo constantly receives gifts and compliments, leisure is organized in such a way that there is not a single free minute left. The couple walks a lot and laughs. Gemini's excellent sense of humor helps smooth out sharp corners and fill in pauses. Communication takes place naturally. Both feel really happy.
Leo is in no hurry to enter into a marriage union. The first love fuse has already subsided, and he has fully opened his eyes to his partner. To get married, Leo lacks confidence that the future partner will be able to provide for the family, become a support and support for him, help him cope with children and household issues.

Marriage ties are no longer so easy and fervent. Leo, who loves prosperity and order, often resents the domestic helplessness of his partner. Gemini likes to walk and have fun, and when it comes to solving family problems, he prefers to shift them to his partner. Gemini willingly enjoys the benefits that his half creates, but he is in no hurry to reciprocate. Everything is complicated by the fact that Gemini can give reasons for jealousy, leading a frivolous lifestyle. When jealousy is layered on lack of help and financial instability, a serious conflict may arise in the union.
Leo, no matter what role he is assigned in business, constantly strives for leadership. He has an inner core and the natural makings of a leader. He is not despotic, he tries to earn authority among his subordinates by his humane actions. Leo and Gemini can work together, but it is unlikely that a representative of the aerial constellation will be too useful in the work. There is always a lot of noise from him and not always from this noise there is a sense.

If there is something worth entrusting to the Twins, it is negotiations, especially those in which you need to talk a lot at the same time, but in the end you don't say anything concrete. Business trips and trainings will also appeal to a colleague who loves noisy companies and joint activities. However, with all the effort, representatives of different constellations will not do anything outstanding in their work.
Sexually is a couple's strong point. Because of his pickiness, Leo does not have so many partners during his life, which cannot be said about Gemini, who willingly goes for fleeting relationships. And the experience that Gemini acquired with previous partners, Leo will like, the main thing is not to know the whole history of his acquisition. From the air partner comes initiative and tenderness, Leo's contribution is expressed in passion and the ability to intrigue.

Leo is able to start a partner with a half-turn, giving him the ground for imagination and experiments. He will readily support any initiative, can openly talk about the intimate side of their relationship, will directly say what he likes and what he doesn't. This will allow both not to get lost in guesses, but to save time to get true pleasure.