Gemini and Gemini Compatibility

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It's hard to find a more restless, charming and lively couple. They will never bother each other, because they are interested in everything. The pace of their life together will be frenzied, but none of the partners will think to slow down. They are both brilliant conversationalists who have a lot of friends. Together they arrange wonderful parties. Sex for them is fun and fun. But this couple is too shallow, unstable and restless. When they leave the bedroom, everything becomes too chaotic — even for a pair of Gemini.
This is not a very sensual couple, but in a loving relationship between partners there is always a close emotional connection. The union of two hearts feeds with energy, they feel each other on a subtle level, and in love they are able to achieve full compatibility and harmony. In addition, they are both not jealous, which does not allow their relationship to become stuffy. Gemini will dive headlong into love, and, at the same time, will leave an island of personal space in their lives.
When the wave of romantic feelings comes down, the first disagreements begin in marriage. Representatives of this sign do not like responsibility, and at any opportunity try to avoid it. But if the partners manage to come to a common denominator in this matter, everything goes very well: one partner does not control the other, giving him the opportunity to devote enough time to his hobbies; the other partner does not try to domesticate the partner and tie him to the kitchen and crib.

Ensuring the material side of the relationship falls on both partners. Most often, partners maintain a separate budget. Parenting is not the hobby of this couple, spouses often lack the patience and tact to be balanced with their children. The emotional swing is the most favorite attraction of the twin spouses, on which they tirelessly ride throughout the life of the marriage.
"Bright, but useless" is how this business tandem can be described. Brilliantly generated ideas and projects run the risk of not being realized, because work for Gemini is creativity, not monotonous execution of the plan. At the stage of transition from words to deeds, partners lose interest in work, and if they do not find someone else in time who is able to materialize their castles in the air, their joint business becomes impossible.
Sex is always high-quality and bright. Sexual compatibility is one of the strengths of the couple. They are characterized by looseness and ingenuity, they strive for diversity and willingly share their fantasies.

This sign easily enters into sexual relations on the side, considering sexuality not a manifestation of intimacy, but an integral feature of their personality, which they do not hesitate to show openly. Being unfaithful, they rarely feel remorse, because they treat bed affairs lightly, without giving them a shade of deep feelings.