Gemini and Capricorn Compatibility

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The carefree, frivolous attitude of Gemini to life causes protest from the conservative, respectable Capricorn. He cares about security, while the Twins complain about the loss of freedom. Order and stability please Capricorn, while annoying Gemini. Gemini's need for a busy life does not contribute to the peace of Capricorn. His prudence depresses the enthusiastic Twins. There will be no electric spark between these partners, but Gemini will probably develop the sensual potential of Capricorn.
Love in a couple is complicated and intricate, but Capricorns like the way lovers twist in a whirlwind of events. With Gemini, you definitely won't have to be bored. In their life together, the scenery is constantly changing: trips are organized, new friends and habits appear. Every day of the beloved is filled with new experiences, and this supports mutual interest and freshness of the relationship.

But Gemini is in dire need of restraint from the outside, otherwise his enthusiasm can cross all imaginable boundaries. For him, Capricorn is the very deterrent factor that will order and direct his chaotic energy for good. The iron patience of Capricorn just perfectly copes with this difficult task.
The marriage between the constellations is an ode to the endurance of Capricorn. Capricorn is used to working hard from an early age, this also applies to relationships. Unlike Gemini, he knows how to focus on the main thing and not spray on the secondary. Family is one of the main life values for him, while the partner will be constantly focused on society and communication with him.

The biggest difficulty is everyday life. Gemini is not an economic sign. They are fashionistas, they love beautiful branded clothes and interior items, but if something goes wrong, they prefer not to personally deal with repair issues, but entrust it to professionals. Moreover, this happens even when the partner has an acute shortage of finances. Partners can often quarrel because of Gemini's frivolous attitude to household chores and the desire to spend more time outside the house than in the family circle.
Capricorn should become the boss, and this is not discussed. The leadership style assumes a calm movement towards the goal without unnecessary emotions and lyrical digressions. Gemini is too emotional and fickle in order to keep the pace of work taken. They are often distracted by trifles, prone to sudden mood swings and nervous breakdowns. Under his leadership, discipline always suffers, and subordinates may begin to disperse in different directions.

Capricorn can be excessively strict and picky, but they behave so exclusively in the interests of the enterprise. They can manifest themselves as cold-blooded and indifferent business sharks who do not make discounts on the human factor. She always puts professional relationships above personal ones, for which her subordinates may dislike her. The signs get along well with each other at work, since Gemini does not pretend to be a high chair and trusts the authority of an influential boss.
Sex surprises with its regularity and variety. Gemini is incredibly gentle and tactile. They can cherish their partner by showering him with kisses and compliments. For Capricorn, this behavior of a lover is unusual, but very pleasant. Cold Capricorn transforms under the influence of affection, becoming softer. Next to Gemini, the partner does not need to constantly restrain himself, because in bed he is liberated and open to new ideas. At first, Capricorn is shy to express himself to the fullest, but soon he will learn to trust his partner, and both will build the sexual relationships they dreamed of.