Gemini and Cancer Compatibility

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Gemini and Cancer are two very different constellations. Gemini - represents the air element, is optimistic and sociable, loves communication and longs for adventure. Cancer belongs to the element of water, the complete opposite of a partner: a determined introvert, hiding in his shell at the slightest danger. Gemini is characterized by a certain recklessness and windiness, an unquenchable mood that changes several times a day. While cancers are characterized by emotional instability, their attitudes and behavior are more stable.

Both signs are struggling to find a partner who is stronger in character and spirituality. None of them is suitable for this role. Cancers are too timid and insecure, and their mental organization is very weak, which makes them vulnerable and sensitive. Gemini is like teenagers in adolescence: they often act rashly and irresponsibly. Their views on life are very different, because their common existence will lead to many unsolvable problems and many contradictions.
Most likely, they will get to know each other and get along, and at first they will even get used to each other. Easily idealized Cancer will see the hyperactivity and lightness of the partner as active and stable, will see in it the image of a strong protector. He admired his partner and listened to him with bated breath. Air signs, in turn, will perceive the silent Cancer as having a mysterious and romantic nature. But the more time passes, the more their rose-colored glasses fade.

Cancer will eventually see wit and capriciousness in a partner, which can bring him negative emotions. He needs a knight in real armor, not a background for beautiful but empty promises. As a symbol of security, stability and stability are important to him. Over time, the Gemini will realize that the silence of the watermark is just a sign of their self-doubt, and not a mystery at all. Geminis have low compatibility with Cancer in a relationship due to the different expectations of their partners. Theoretically, they could find a common language and become a good couple. To do this, Gemini needs to gain their partner's trust by keeping their promises and expressing their feelings more clearly. Cancer should be controlled less to keep it safe and more open to loved ones.
Marriage will be a real test for both. The initiator of the trip to the registry office is Cancer, who adheres to traditional family values and prefers to live with a partner only on his own rights. Gemini treats legitimate relationships easily, since he simply does not take them seriously. After a while, it turns out that the newly minted partner is not going to settle down at home, spending evenings with his family. He declares this categorically, putting the partner before the fact.

Cancer suffers from this to the depths of its soul. Neither the order in the apartment, nor a delicious dinner, nor other efforts of a young partner can keep a partner at home. The constant requests and demands of Cancer soon bore the freedom-loving partner to death, and he begins to avoid him. This becomes the reason for constant absences from home, and, as a result, jealousy with constant quarrels. Cancer receives no help, no support, no understanding. On the contrary, they are constantly accused of being boring and blinkered. This union is one of the most unfavorable combinations of the zodiac circle.
Gemini and Cancer also have low work compatibility. Different characters, temperaments and characters can prevent them from building strong alliances. Different levels of energy and activity also create friction between them. Cancer is more timid: before doing something, he checks his work ten times to make sure there are no mistakes. Gemini most often make decisions on the fly and suffer from short-sightedness.

Both signs are friendly in nature and will gladly help those in need. However, even this quality will not improve the compatibility of Gemini and Cancer in friendship. They are unlikely to have common interests, and, most likely, even the companies in which they will work will be very different. Gemini loves nature, travels everywhere, attends noisy places and parties. All this is alien to the mysterious Cancer: they will arrange family gatherings in a narrow circle or have fun outdoors in a deserted place. Gemini, due to their duality, can be both gentle and harsh in communication, Cancers do not accept because of their sensitivity. There is only one conclusion: a real, strong friendship between them will not work.
He wants often and violently, Cancer — gently and in the mood. Gemini's sexual temperament is several times superior to the partner, which can become a real problem in a couple. Cancer can offer traditional sex, he is not eager to try new things, debauchery and madness. It is quite enough for him that there is a partner nearby to whom he is attracted.

Gemini is the complete opposite of conservatism, which Cancer demonstrates. He is attracted to everything new and brightly colored. The emotions that sex gives are much more valuable to him than naked physiology. Not getting enough of them, the unsatisfied partner soon begins to look to the left, where the chance of getting what he wants is much higher than in bed with a homely and cozy Cancer.