Gemini and Aries Compatibility

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Excellent compatibility of signs. Both are lively and energetic, they can be good friends and lovers. They enjoy an active lifestyle, adventure and diversity, humor and social life. And yet a long and happy marriage is not guaranteed here. The main culprit of this is the very superficial feelings of Gemini and the fact that they almost always have everything "double", that is, they exist in double size — friends and girlfriends, work and hobbies, houses and apartments, as well as partners in love and marriage.

Gemini is a wonderful and funny lover for a short time. Surprisingly good agreement between these signs exists when they are united by common ideas and plans, common deeds and goals. Aries as a business partner for Gemini is simply necessary. Gemini is gushing with ideas and plans, from which Aries will choose only the most viable, necessary and necessary and, bypassing all the "pitfalls", bypassing all the sharp corners, without recognizing any obstacles, will put them into practice.
At first, the relationship develops so interestingly and rapidly that Aries finds himself in the thrall of passions and never ceases to be surprised by the change of scenery. Gemini is a great storyteller, dreamer and romantic. With Aries, it will definitely not be boring. The couple's meetings are filled with unforgettable events. They arrange romantic dates, interesting outings and attend cultural events. There is spontaneity and lightness in their relationship — something that in the beginning so intoxicates and inspires lovers.

But very soon Aries realizes that a loved one can be so open and inventive not only with Aries, such an attitude towards partners is just his lifestyle. And since then, Aries begins to suffer from doubts and jealousy. Love for Aries turns into flour, while Gemini continues to lead a habitual way of life, perceiving life easily and trying not to worry unnecessarily.
It is difficult to imagine a couple less suitable for family ties. Marriage will be a real test of nerve strength for both. The fiery temperament of Aries, which is constantly inflated by the partner's air element, gradually turns into an all-consuming flame, in which there will be little room for everyone. Aries has already understood the essence of her partner, who turned out to be much more windy and less reliable than she thought.

Doubts and dissatisfaction increase Aries' natural irritability, which makes him nervous and picky. He tries to give Gemini so many household duties that he spends as much time at home as possible. But Gemini treats their duties lightly, often does not keep their promises, which leads the partner to rage. The presence of children will not affect the seriousness of the Twin, who can also be compared with a frivolous and careless child. Household duties will fall entirely on Aries, and he is by nature not an ideal host anyway. It will not work to get help from a partner either by pleading or threats. Every now and then loud quarrels will shake the walls of their house, children will suffer from them and tension between the spouses will begin to grow.
A different approach to work will more than once force colleagues to conduct fierce disputes around their plans. Aries, who has all the makings of a leader, sincerely believes that everyone is capable of the same productive work as himself. But Gemini is a master of communication and public speaking, but he does not know how to work with concentration and systematically.

Gemini continually demonstrates gaps in self—discipline - violates deadlines, performs tasks with inaccuracies and spends too much time on words, which makes the boss nervous. If Gemini happens to be the boss, then all subordinates, including Aries, will be constantly shaken by Gemini's emotional outbursts and his mood changes. They could create a lot of sensible projects together, but the windiness of a representative of one sign and the persistence of another create too much contrast and prevent partners from working together into a single productive team. However, cooperation is possible if one of the Earth signs is connected to the work in order to balance the potentials.
Representatives of both zodiac signs love sex and know a lot about it. Aries brings passion and vital energy to him, and Gemini is responsible for spontaneity and diversity. They will definitely not be bored. The complete absence of constraint and the boundaries of what is permissible encourages two people to bold experiments that other signs may find immoral and unacceptable.

Partners are very good together. Often their intimate communication occurs along with working relationships, which does not bother them at all. Gemini can seduce a partner, even being married, in which he sees nothing reprehensible. If the relationship does not oblige both to anything serious, they have a chance to last as long as the marriage of these two signs did not last. Gemini and Aries will study each other with interest, discovering new talents in their partner.