Gemini and Aquarius Compatibility

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The multi-faceted Gemini and the Aquarius innovator will get along perfectly. They both love novelty, travel, meeting strangers. Since both are unpredictable, the relationship will not always be smooth. But love will grow stronger, because Aquarius admires the wit of the life-loving Gemini. He will treat with understanding with some inconstancy of the partner. If the affair ends, they will remain friends. In marriage, Gemini and Aquarius are gentle, loyal friends rather than passionate lovers.
In a pair of Gemini and Aquarius, there is complete mutual understanding and harmony. It is a union of two reckless and flighty intellectuals, brilliant and crazy at the same time. The love between them is like an avalanche — it arises without harbingers, from scratch, and buries everything that Gemini and Aquarius have lived under until now.

For a while, the world around ceases to exist (which is very unusual for people who lead an active social life), their eyes are focused only on the partner. The courtship period is very easy and interesting, filled with romance, humor and unexpected gifts. They laugh a lot and walk around, have an interesting time. Dates can take place in the most unexpected places according to the most unexpected scenarios. This draws them in so much that from now on people around them do not even doubt that they are the perfect couple. And their love can only get deeper over time.
Gemini and Aquarius are as far as possible from the classical family model. Such a marriage can even cause the condemnation of others, since the couple often comes to a conscious rejection of parenthood, devoting their lives to their own interests, hobbies and travel. Spouses can be members of informal communities, get involved in various religious cults, engage in rare sports or spiritual practices. If they still happen to have children, then parenthood is difficult for them. Gemini strives with all their might to shift all responsibility to the partner, and those, in turn, try to protect their personal space from any intrusion.

After Aquarius and Gemini become parents, their comfort zone collapses and they are forced to rebuild it. Sometimes it is fraught with a complete collapse of the relationship. But if their feelings are deep and true, the spouses are able to create themselves anew, reconsider all values and priorities, then their family will turn into a real, indestructible fortress.
Representatives of these zodiac signs in collaboration manifest themselves as generators of brilliant ideas and projects. On the one hand, it is a happy union of two extraordinary minds, on the other hand, it is a tandem of completely helpless people in all matters concerning the implementation and materialization of ideas.

In everything that requires concentration and monotony, Gemini and Aquarius are untenable. They cannot concentrate on the routine for a long time, and, in the case of a deep dive into the details, they risk losing interest in the business they have started or earning a nervous breakdown.
In sex, Gemini and Aquarius feel like they are on a roller coaster — neither of them knows what to expect from the next turn. The coldness and detachment of Aquarius disappears somewhere, they become malleable, agree to bold experiments. There is not enough sensuality in sex, but it is so fascinating that partners are constantly discovering new facets in each other. Their bedroom looks more like a testing ground or an experimental laboratory. Probably, they are not driven by passion or animal instincts, but who said that interest cannot be a driving factor equal to them in strength?

In a relationship where the Twins will not look to the side, mutual understanding and complete trust will reign. If the partner is unfaithful, Aquarius will not be jealous of him and arrange scenes, they will simply disappear into space — this is the peculiarity of all Aquarians, if they do not like something.