Capricorn and Virgo Compatibility

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The union of Virgo and Capricorn is often quite strong and stable. Perhaps the feelings in this relationship are not bubbling like a fountain, both partners are not too emotional realists, but they can rely on each other in any situation. Virgo is neat and calm, Capricorn is calculating, practical and with a high level of self-discipline. Their compatibility will develop gradually and develop slowly but surely, both partners are not prone to hasty decisions. There may be some disagreements in intimate terms, but Virgo and Capricorn are able to settle them and come to a compromise.
Virgo and Capricorn are extremely reasonable signs, which can even be called calculating to some extent. They rarely lose their heads and always know exactly what they want. Accordingly, the compatibility between them also turns out to be practical, calculating. Capricorn is extremely purposeful. But he sometimes lacks philosophy, and it is this that he acquires in union with Virgo. Both partners value each other extremely, Capricorn represents creativity and love for Virgo, while Virgo is a symbol of spiritual development for her partner. Indeed, although in some ways the representatives of these two signs are quite different, but they do not contradict each other, namely complement.

So, Virgo shows amazing tact towards Capricorn, gradually ridding him of protective shells, and Capricorn, intrigued by this process, tries to explain himself in love with restraint and awkwardly, which Virgo extremely likes. In fact, they like everything about each other and nothing causes rejection or rejection. With this compatibility, both partners are realists. They don't build castles in the air. But having set a goal for themselves, they are steadily moving towards it. Virgo is able to provide comfort and tranquility in the house, where Capricorn returns with pleasure every evening, providing the material base of the family. There are practically no divorces in these couples, and even more so – infidelity.
For all his external strength and assertiveness, Capricorn is not so sure of himself. And although he tries to drive his secret fears as deep as possible, from time to time they still break out. That is why it is so important for him to hear from you, Virgo, assurances that you really like him. If you want Capricorn to stay with you forever and compatibility between you is as good as possible, let him know that his company attracts you much more than the company of other men. Capricorn will never look for casual connections on the side, they are simply useless to him, because if he already has one partner in whom he is confident and with whom he feels good, so why does he need all the others? He is absolutely satisfied with this state of affairs.
The pair of Virgo and Capricorn is extremely successfully combined in a business partnership. Usually the role of a think tank. The idea generator goes to Capricorn, while Virgo is just an excellent performer. If Virgo turns out to be in a position of leadership in relation to Capricorn, then she understands the matter well, by this time she usually has accumulated sufficient work experience in her chosen specialty, and she is really an excellent specialist. Both partners fully trust each other and all commercial agreements concluded between them are exceptionally mutually beneficial.
Despite the external coldness and equanimity, Virgo and Capricorn hide a significant sexual potential. It is only important that they are able to overcome those secret fears that torment them both. Cautiously getting to know each other in the bedroom, they gradually get rid of the uncertainty that shackles them, their mutual desire increases along a smooth curve and gradually becomes irresistible. If they had other partners before, they would be very surprised at the power of passion that this snow queen and this cold, as they thought, man can actually demonstrate. Actually. It always happens when two representatives of the Earth element meet.