Capricorn and Taurus Compatibility

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Capricorn and Taurus are a harmonious pair of even-numbered signs, where the former plays the role of an older comrade. The second zodiac sign is softer in nature, so it often enjoys the support of an older partner and pays in return with loyalty, reliability and care. They have a lot in common, thanks to which these representatives of the horoscope build excellent interaction in a variety of types of relationships. The signs belong to the same element – the earth, which gives them such qualities as: stability, balance, striving for material benefits and enviable diligence. They are realists who stand firmly on their feet and prefer to think rationally. Prudence, accuracy in actions and foresight allow them to make fewer mistakes.

Both Capricorn and Taurus love constancy, and in relationships with people, including. That is why they carefully choose their surroundings, allowing only time-tested people into the inner circle. Such preferences attract them mutually and arouse respect for each other: everyone wants to have a reliable and loyal colleague, friend and lover. Both love a comfortable, beautiful life: expensive clothes, delicious food and quality rest. To do this, they have to work hard, earning their well-being by their own labor. The signs of the earth are conservative, and Capricorn differs in this to a greater extent. Their characteristic differences are as follows: they live according to a schedule, but Taurus, having achieved something, still allows himself a well-deserved laziness, while the partner immediately sets the next goal and starts working on it. Capricorn is very strict by nature, and his partner does not often, but still shows warmth and care towards his loved ones.
The main advantage of both Taurus and Capricorn is reliability. This is a unifying factor for the compatibility of these signs, however, as well as the patience of which they do not occupy. Capricorn is always ready to give Taurus the right advice, even if the situation seems completely hopeless. On the other hand, Taurus gives Capricorn that feeling of solid ground, that support under his feet, which he needs so much. It is not surprising that this couple has almost no disagreements. By joining together to achieve a common goal, they will almost certainly achieve it. Moreover, both are realists.

Common children only strengthen the union of Taurus and Capricorn, and, as a rule, there are quite a lot of children in it. Despite the practicality and business approach to all issues, the marriage of partners is permeated with tender feelings, everything else is a pleasant bonus that helps to create a solid material base, without which the love boat often breaks on everyday life. The only difficulty in a love marriage is to constantly feed your feelings with light energy, because passion is often accompanied by jealousy, and from love to hate, as you know, is only one step.
Unlike you, Taurus, Capricorn man simply needs public success and public recognition. He aspires to power, even if it is not too noticeable from the outside. Therefore, in order to maintain good compatibility between you, you should not tell Capricorn that someone does not approve of him: even if he pretends that he does not care at all, in fact he will be deeply hurt and will suffer as from a toothache. Capricorn is extremely emotional about any criticism, so you need to be extra careful.
Both Taurus and Capricorn feel great, both in the role of an ordinary employee and in a managerial position, they meticulously and accurately perform their work, reaching a high professional level in their field. Therefore, when Taurus and Capricorn unite in a business tandem, they easily cope with any task. In business, none of the partners will get involved in dubious enterprises, they will not rush, it is better to wait a little in order to then win brilliantly. The only thing that Capricorn needs from time to time to praise Taurus, it gives him additional strength and helps to achieve even better results, if it is, of course, possible.
Even at the first meeting, Taurus and Capricorn can feel a significant sexual attraction to each other. But since both Taurus and Capricorn are characterized by increased rationality, there is no spontaneous connection between them, these two approach everything extremely carefully and if they decide on intimate relationships, then quite consciously. It is possible, however, that some special flight will not be present in their sex, and they do not need it. Sexual compatibility is good, but the delights in sex are not interested in either one or the other partner. But their sex will be thorough and extremely powerful. This gives them pleasure. Taurus loves touching and sensual caresses, Capricorn does not need long foreplay, he goes ahead and enjoys sex. It is important that partners learn to take into account not only their own needs, otherwise some dissonance cannot be avoided.