Capricorn and Libra Compatibility

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In the partnership of Libra and Capricorn, it will be more difficult for Libra. If they have a choice, it is better to prefer a partner of another astrological sign. However, if the couple has already formed, Libra will have to fight to maintain this relationship. The Libra-Capricorn pair is quite unusual at first glance. Libra is sophisticated and romantic, the partner is strict and even prim. From the outside, they look like a beautiful and prosperous couple, but contradictions reign inside. Their concepts of love and family are completely different, and not always partners can find a compromise.
At first, Capricorn may seem too straightforward and insensitive to Libra, however, after some time they realize how reliable and caring he is. Capricorn quickly falls under the subtle charm of Libra, he is unable to resist it and completely devotes his soul to them, on the strings of which Libra begins to play like a harp. However, pretty soon, with such compatibility, the first passion fades away and if the partners do not have any common activities or interests, they begin to irritate each other insanely.

Now Libra does not seem charming to Capricorn, but unbearably mannered and capricious. And if Capricorns cannot earn enough money to meet the needs of Libra, the love of the latter fades very quickly and the partner seems to them just an uncouth brute. Yes, most often this union is based precisely on the material benefit that Libra receives, and when it does not turn out, then the marriage breaks up quite quickly.
Capricorn is an extremely stubborn sign, we can say – the most stubborn in the Zodiac. Such is his earthly nature. And although compatibility with him may sometimes seem unnecessarily old-fashioned and boring, on the other hand, Capricorn, like no one else, can provide you with the peace and reliability that Libra is so striving for. Perhaps someone representative of this sign may seem self-confident. But put such a quality as a strong will on your second cup. Is that a bad thing? His coldness may well be compensated by the lack of recklessness, and you can be sure that he is not short-tempered and will not tear off his own bad mood on you. By the way, Capricorn has an excellent sense of humor, although he does not show it too often.
The business cooperation of Libra and Capricorn can be quite successful. Partners admire the business qualities and professional skills that the other has and subconsciously want to combine their efforts in order to complement each other. Capricorn is hardworking and careful in his work, this is often not enough for Libra, on the other hand. Libra has a high intellectual potential and performs its part of the work very quickly. It is not surprising that combining for the sake of achieving a common goal, the compatibility of Libra and Capricorn can achieve a lot. However, everything can go to waste because of one very significant detail: Capricorns are very demanding and critical by nature, both to themselves and to their partners, Libra perceives criticism from their side very, very painfully.
The first problems of a pair of Libra and Capricorn, as a rule, begin with sexual compatibility. Capricorn is excessively straightforward and unsophisticated for sophisticated Libra. They prefer to bring an element of play into sexual relations, simple physical stimulation is not enough for them. Libra regards Capricorn's restraint and artlessness as incomprehensible and offensive coldness, on the other hand, the fact that Libra does not react to Capricorn's direct attempts to get closer is also regarded by him as indifference. In general, partners simply do not understand each other in bed, and even their physical attractiveness does not help to break down this barrier.