Capricorn and Gemini Compatibility

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In the union of Gemini and Capricorn, there is one plus - each of them plays a familiar role. Gemini is an eternally young and inexperienced partner, Capricorn is a wise old man. Despite all the other differences, both are comfortable in this partnership. Capricorns, by themselves, are slow and thorough, Gemini, on the contrary, is active and curious, everyone has their own opinion. But in a couple, each of them allows the partner to be himself, while the rainbow veil of love does not fall from his eyes. Compatibility will be successful only if each of them is ready to change and listen to the partner.
In the compatibility of Gemini - Capricorn, antagonism is clearly observed. Gemini believes that marriage can only exist in conditions of mutual freedom, and Capricorns are diligently trying to prove to them how wrong they are. After a while, Capricorns become convinced that Gemini is exceptionally windy in nature and extremely flighty and loses all hope of continuing the relationship, having lost faith in their expediency. Gemini Capricorn seems to be an incredibly mysterious person, and although they would like to pick up a key to him, it seems that he is forever lost. Capricorn himself is not going to open his soul to Gemini at all.

Capricorns' patience can be called stoic, but it also ends from Gemini's eternal craving for vagrancy and the search for adventures. And the worst thing is that Gemini does not even think about their accidental infidelities, while for Capricorn they turn into a real tragedy. Long-term compatibility between Gemini and Capricorn is possible only if they are ready for internal changes, which can be very painful. If the partners do not agree to sacrifice something, then co-existence becomes simply unbearable.
Capricorn strives for success all his life – at work, in the family, in society, he must necessarily reach certain heights. It must be remembered that the family for a typical Capricorn is not only his own partner and children, but also parents, grandmothers, aunts, cousins – in general, all the relatives he knows about. No one appreciates family ties more than Capricorn, even very weak ones. This must be taken into account if you want to achieve good compatibility with it. Capricorns love to make money, they give them the feeling that they are firmly on their feet, so Capricorn allows himself to relax only if he has a solid bank account. From the point of view of Capricorn, only this can give him insurance in case of an unexpected financial cataclysm. Unfortunately, after Capricorn meets Gemini, these funds can run out very quickly. After all, no one knows how to spend money better than Gemini.
In order for the business relationship to be successful, Gemini and Capricorn need to find common ground and come to a common agreement. So Capricorn needs to show restraint and not criticize Gemini too much. Yes, he is probably not too collected, but, on the other hand, no one can do several things at the same time better than Gemini, and in such a way that the quality of performance does not suffer from this. If possible, it is best to send the Gemini on business trips, it is there that they will be able to prove themselves from the best side, trips and new contacts are exactly their element. Capricorn is a wonderful worker and he will always be able to find a common language with Gemini leaders.
But with the sexual compatibility of Gemini and Capricorn, everything is not so bad. Both partners are not attuned to excessive emotionality in intimacy and are able to guess each other's desires almost on a subconscious level. As long as the couple stays together, Capricorns continue to experience a strong physical attraction to Gemini, this part of their relationship occupies a very special place in their lives. And what is still very good, even after the partners finally disperse, Gemini and Capricorn are quite capable of maintaining friendly relations without having any claims to each other from this side. Agree, this is a rarity.