Capricorn and Capricorn Compatibility

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As a rule, couples in which representatives of the same zodiac sign converge are not very successful, partners compete with each other. However, the partnership of Capricorn and Capricorn can be called an exception, they get along well with each other and are sincerely happy together. Capricorns, both women and men, are quite stubborn and always go to their goal to the end. Therefore, the union of both Capricorns is a partnership of two successful and self-confident people. There are no acute conflicts, loud quarrels and infidelities, mutual understanding and respect reign in the couple.
A unique feature of Capricorns is that due to their growing up too early, they have to face family problems from an early age. They had to learn how to handle an overbearing mother or a demanding father, a parental craft for caring for their younger siblings, or the ability to stand up for themselves. Thus, thanks to their difficult childhood, Capricorns have acquired the ability to survive even in the most adverse circumstances.

With the compatibility of partners, they both know that they can fully rely on each other, because, all other things being equal, both fully deserve trust. Their motto is: "A man's word is his honor" or: "A handshake is equivalent to a contract." Capricorns don't want to get anything for free and respect similar views from other people. When two people of this sign come together, they immediately face the question of power. The only problem is which of them will get the leadership.
Striving for power, you, without thinking about the consequences, act harshly and prudently. If compatible with another Capricorn, such a policy can lead to a blank wall of misunderstanding between you, which will be very difficult to break. Capricorn is a powerful sign, and since you are both extremely hardy and purposeful, a rivalry can break out between you, the scale of which is difficult to even imagine. At your worst, you are ruthless and easily break your emotional ties with anyone.

Capricorns are not characterized by excessive thrift, however, due to internal confusion, you can become stingy. Both Capricorns love power, but it needs to be earned. A reckless pursuit of leadership can lead to the fact that your rigid ambitions will replace love. In this case, it is better for your loved ones to step aside until you come to your senses, and the ability to reason will not return to you. Just understand: you are used to being alone all the time, and now you need to learn how to cooperate, joke and trust.
In business and business relationships, Capricorn and Capricorn should be careful, these two have a tendency to work too much and are able to bring themselves to work to extremes. They pursue their goals patiently and rise to the top of success despite all obstacles. They need to keep in mind that the compatibility of two Capricorns can push to roughly push out of the way those who hinder them. Thus, this couple may have to remind themselves that there is no need to sacrifice humanity in an effort to achieve success in business.
Let's talk about sexual compatibility. Capricorns are simply bubbling with passion, although this is not very noticeable. And Capricorns know how to bring their partner to a frenzy in bed. The goal, or rather, its presence is the dominant life principle for them, so they consider intimacy, first of all, from the point of view of solving specific tasks: building relationships or starting a family; or more prosaic - combining investments and opening a joint current account, for example. Not being seriously involved, Capricorn and Capricorn are likely to define sex in the category of "fun" and give it a clear place in their strict daily routine.