Capricorn and Cancer Compatibility

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Initially, Cancer and Capricorn experience a strong sexual attraction to each other, since these are opposing signs. If they can overcome the dissimilarity of characters, they will become a good couple. Aspiring to succeed in a career, Capricorn has too many other interests to give Cancer the attention it needs. Cancer is timid, sensitive, needs love, and Capricorn is harsh, cold and domineering. Cancer perceives Capricorn's restraint as a personal insult, becomes gloomy and picky. The differences in the characters of Cancer and Capricorn may be too significant for long-term happiness.
Despite the fact that these are opposite signs on the zodiac wheel and they are attracted to each other, the compatibility of Cancer and Capricorn can be very difficult. And the thing is that Cancers and Capricorns have a double dose of stubbornness by nature, and if each of the partners starts pulling the rope on themselves, they will never achieve consent. Meanwhile, both one and the other have a lot to learn from each other. So Cancers are clearly deprived of responsibility, which is present in excess in Capricorns, those have huge problems with imagination, and the world of emotions for them also remains unknown.

In fact, partners complement each other perfectly, you just need to learn how to use it correctly, and then you can say about such compatibility that it is extremely durable, protects from many life troubles. Guided by his extraordinary intuition, Cancer can recognize behind the outer armor of Capricorn his subtle and very vulnerable soul, in this case she simply takes her under her care and cares more than about her own. Cancer is responsible for feelings in these relationships, Capricorn indicates the direction of their application. Most often, such a couple lives in their own world, where only a select few are allowed, there are almost never extra people in the house of Cancer and Capricorn.
Even if you try to reject Capricorn, he will try again and again to woo you, until he achieves maximum compatibility. Capricorn is not as cruel as Scorpio, however, he can also be quite unscrupulous in his means, he generally cannot accept when he is refused. But in order to win his favor, it takes very little, it will be enough to show that his company is most pleasant to you. To those who are poorly versed in people, Capricorn may seem like an uncouth boor, but not to you, Cancer. You will immediately be able to look under this armor and see that a loyal and ardent heart is hiding under it.
The compatibility of Cancer and Capricorn is very good for purely business relationships, although it may take some time for representatives of these opposite signs to get used to each other. Capricorn and Cancer are intuitively drawn to each other, and if they manage to establish good personal relationships, they will easily be able to cope with any professional task, even the most difficult. Capricorn is dominated by creativity, so he can take over this part of the work, while practical Cancer will do the rest. Both of them are executive, obliging and have excellent business qualities. Perfectly complementing each other, they form a productive working tandem. Also, the joint conclusion of some commercial transactions will be very promising.
So cold and pragmatic in appearance, Capricorn is just frantic in love. His only drawback in intimate relationships may be some lack of imagination, but Cancer may well take over the solution to this problem. In compatibility with Cancer, Capricorn learns a lot of new things for himself, he will discover additional pages not only in sex, but also in life, and will be extremely grateful to his partner for this enlightenment. Cancer, feeling the reliability of Capricorn and his unbreakable loyalty, will be able to fully trust the partner without fear of being misunderstood. In other words, Capricorn gives solidity and reliability to their intimate relationships, Cancer illuminates them with the moonlight of romance and sophistication, and everything together is woven into a solid earthly love, stretched and ringing like a string.