Capricorn and Aries Compatibility

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Aries' love of novelty and experimentation may not appeal to a conservative Capricorn. Aries is restless, energetic, impulsive; Capricorn is disciplined, thorough, practical. Capricorn, like Aries, strives to dominate. There will also be friction over money - Aries is wasteful, Capricorn is looking for financial security. Oddly enough, the prospects for a long-term compatibility of Aries and Capricorn are better than for a short one. The reactive sexual nature of Aries is complemented by the deep sensuality of Capricorn. Over time, his strength and patience will earn the respect of Aries.
As a rule, an acquaintance in a pair of Aries and Capricorn occurs on the initiative of Aries, who simply cannot pass by a lonely sad Capricorn in a noisy company. Life is beautiful and it needs to be proved to Capricorn right now – well, since no one else has done it. Unfortunately, very soon Aries may be bitterly disappointed – Capricorn is too passionate about his career and numerous relatives to have time for someone else. And if Aries finds that this compatibility is worth too much effort, the novel may end without even really starting.

Meanwhile, the relationship between Aries and Capricorn is quite promising, it is only important not to over-adjust the partner. Capricorn, unlike the ardent Aries, is used to moving forward slowly, but surely, without turning anywhere from his path. Therefore, if Aries can gain patience that is not too characteristic, they will get from their Capricorn everything they want and even a little more. But any attempts to fit it can periodically result in family conflicts, which will serve as a source of mutual discontent.
Even if Capricorn seems absolutely cold and insensitive to you, in fact, it is not so. Capricorns are subtle connoisseurs of beauty, but you won't even guess how much he loved to draw as a child or listened to his favorite music – however, when he was absolutely sure that no one saw him. Capricorn's outer armor hides a sensitive and soft heart, but he tried to hide it as far away from this crazy world as possible.

And he will not agree for anything in the world to let someone over this wall, unless he is absolutely sure that you really love him. There is an incredibly beautiful pearl hidden in the depths of the rough soul of Capricorn, but in order for the doors of this shell to open, you, Aries, will have to break yourself and show miracles of patience. If you can prove that you are ready to give up something exciting in order to get something exceptional, then Capricorn will believe that you really are his partner and your compatibility is perfect.
As for the business compatibility between Aries and Capricorns, it can be very harmonious, it is only important that the partners clearly understand exactly what goals they are facing. Both Capricorn and Aries are ready to give themselves completely to their work, performing it not only efficiently and accurately, but also quite quickly. Aries-the head should remember that Capricorn gets creative work best of all, but it's better not to load it with a normal routine. Capricorn-the leader should make sure that Aries has one specific case to which he could devote himself entirely.
Although Aries and Capricorn have different sexual preferences, they do not contradict each other. Capricorn is just as conservative in sex as in everything else: he does not appreciate diversity too much and tends to keep passion under control. However, the impulsivity of Aries may well captivate Capricorn and awaken the dormant potential in him. Capricorn is characterized by restraint — he tries to curb his desires. Aries provokes him, seduces him, leads him and sets the tone, enjoying not only the closeness itself, but also to a large extent from this process. Such compatibility will be intense and long-term, as for short-term affairs, it is hardly worth spending time on them, they will not bring much pleasure.