Cancer and Virgo Compatibility

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Cancer and Virgo are waiting for an exciting romance, because they awaken hidden sensuality in each other. Cancer is not too assertive, which suits Virgo perfectly. He will show signs of attention that Virgo will be able to appreciate. Cancer is gentle and sentimental, and this gives Virgo a sense of security. They both love money and home comfort; Cancer addiction is perfectly combined with Virgo's desire to patronize. The disadvantages of this compatibility include excessive pickiness of partners. The advantages are that each pulls the other out of his shell.
Here we have the case when "like is drawn to like." Both Cancer and Virgo are characterized by a cheerful disposition and caring attitude towards others, they love safety and comfort, but Virgo is an earthly entity, and Cancers are aquatic. The reasons that allow Cancers to feel safe are of a different nature than those of Virgins, for whom their own security is associated with the presence of some kind of order (Earth). Assessing someone's home or way of thinking, they, first of all, pay attention to the system of organization of this phenomenon. For Cancer, a sense of security is necessary. The world around them may be in absolute chaos, but it is enough for them to perceive it as their own home for happiness.

They spend time with each other, for the most part, having fun. Virgos may be a little dry, but Cancers entertain them with jokes that excite the imagination, or with stories about their attempts to benefit the whole world. Both partners in this compatibility understand the importance of their assistance to others, but, in addition, Cancers have a deep respect for the tact of the methods of Virgins. Cancers act at their own risk, relying only on their own vision of the situation, and Virgos follow pre-agreed rules.
Virgo, remember that Cancers highly value your opinion. On a number of issues, they elevate you to the rank of authority. However, if you are too critical of the work they have done or underestimate their contribution to any project, you risk losing their company for a while.

You should not convince Cancers of your opinion. Just say it and forget it - everything else will happen naturally. Cancers have eternal problems with their parents, which you will have to accept as inevitable. You can even participate in the resolution of this conflict, unless, of course, you are afraid of the consequences.
A couple of Cancer and Virgo are able to consolidate efforts to work together, strengthening their personal relationships benefits business. Their partnerships are particularly fruitful in such entrepreneurial endeavors as restaurants, hotels, small shops, services and schools. They should avoid power struggles and exploiting each other. The best option is if they are not only business partners, but also friends or relatives. At the same time, when spending time together and having fun, they should be careful not to cross the line between business and personal or social life.
Sexually compatibility of Cancer and Virgo are so caring by nature that they try to please their partner in everything during intimacy. However, their too detailed knowledge of each other's preferences and antipathies can have the opposite effect and turn their compatibility into friendship rather than love. Oddly enough, none of them is saddened by this metamorphosis, since both consider sex an impractical occupation.