Cancer and Taurus Compatibility

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To an outsider, the union of Cancer and Taurus often seems fake and calculating. There is a part of the truth in this - partners do not often find mutual understanding, but in everyday things - everyday life, finances, life problems - this couple has full agreement and compatibility.

Both signs are Taurus and Cancer, quite mundane and practical. Their partnership does not shine with bright emotions, romance and hot passions, however, everything about everyday life fits perfectly, there is complete mutual understanding in the couple. However, both signs believe that happiness loves silence, and much of their relationship is simply hidden from prying eyes.
The compatibility of Cancer and Taurus can be called quite harmonious and strong. They have similar values, Taurus appreciates Cancer very much for his business acumen and constant care of the house, Cancer really likes the romantic comfort created by Taurus. Both signs are ready to work on creating material prosperity, both spouses pay great attention to children and their upbringing, however, not forgetting about themselves. Co-existence allows them to discover many new and interesting sides in life.

Taurus is calm and reasonable by nature, they, like no one else, manage to cope with the unstoppable nature of Cancer. Provided that he agrees to marry, since partners born under the sign of Cancer are very reluctant to take this step. On the other hand, everyone has their own specific weaknesses. So, both Cancer and Taurus are excessively jealous, but this brings additional emotions into their relationship and saturates them with passion.
Cancer very often passes into adulthood, preserving special, trembling feelings for its parent, considering him, to some extent, an ideal. Involuntarily, he transfers the same admiration to the partner with whom he communicates, whom he loves, while remaining devoted in a special way. However, there are also Cancers that, on the contrary, have a grudge against the fact that a parent in childhood did not give them enough attention.

This resentment is at the subconscious level, but now such a person will demand compensation from his partner for what he did not receive in childhood. Fortunately, Taurus is just distinguished by increased patience and easily copes with all the whims and emotional instability of a compatibility partner, although, if necessary, it can put him in his place, transparently hinting that everything is fine in moderation.
The business relationship between Cancer and Taurus also has an excellent prospect. Cancer is characterized by diligence and accuracy, while he is very smart, although perhaps too dreamy, which is not always liked by a more earthly Taurus. But Taurus has a very strong will, so he will always be able to subdue Cancer and explain to him what is required of him. Compatibility in work turns out to be especially fruitful if there are friendly relations between partners or mutual sympathy arises.
There is nothing wrong with the sexual compatibility of Cancer and Taurus. Here, too, there is complete harmony. Cancer, even if he needs warmth and tenderness that help him overcome his inner fears. He fully finds them in the physical love of Taurus. They don't play with him, they just completely give themselves to him, perhaps without fantasies, but without false modesty.

And this is exactly what Cancer has always dreamed of. Although he is very sensitive, he can finally come out of his shell and get full satisfaction from intimacy. Taurus gets the much–needed earthly passion, and Cancer gets a complete emotional discharge, which makes the sexual relations of this couple extremely holistic and harmonious. Such an intimate union can truly be called flawless.