Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility

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A couple of Cancer and Scorpio are united by sincere and deep love. It seems that fate itself sent them to meet each other, so that they bathed in feelings and were each other's protection and the best support. This couple will show us what a truly happy relationship built on love looks like. Cancer is gallant and courteous, he is kind and noble, knows how to keep his word and will never betray.

And he is not afraid of responsibility, he knows how to sincerely love and take care of his partner. Scorpio has just crazy energy and magnetism. He has a tough character, which helps them achieve their goals, but makes them too assertive. Together, Cancer and Scorpio complement each other perfectly.
The connecting element of the union of Cancer and Scorpio is the element of Water, because water signs feel safe next to each other. They have a natural understanding of the partner's mood swings and an innate knowledge of his emotional, sometimes dark depths. These two are separated by their properties: Cancer is a cardinal sign, and Scorpio is a fixed one. The engine of this combination is Cancers. They are able to assess the intensity of Scorpio's mental activity and, for their part, offer him protection and inspire a sense of confidence.

Scorpios do not like to be in plain sight, avoid publicity and rarely change their views; they are characterized by a specifically emotional point of view. Scorpios tend to take into account only the worst case scenario, and therefore they often pester their partners with checks for their moral cleanliness. Cancers like the scale of the Scorpions' personality, and they experience comfort in the society of Cancers, warmed by their warmth. Since the motivation of the Cancers themselves is security, they respond with understanding to the Scorpions' need for security and provide what they are looking for without any problems. Naturally, for demanding Cancers, the comprehensive protectionism of Scorpions is like a balm for the soul.
Scorpios have an innate distrust of people, and their suspicion is directly proportional to the degree of intimacy with them of a particular person. Doubts are simply a consequence of the flaw with which they, as Scorpios believe, were born and which can only be noticed by direct contact with them. That's why they have to keep a distance in the relationship. Instead of noticing the positive aspects of what is happening. Scorpios mentally play out the worst-case scenario.

Even when it does not concern you directly, this kind of tendency still gives unpleasant sensations. For example, if during a walk together they meet someone they don't like, before your eyes there will be a resuscitation of all their obsessions and immersion in the past, in which they were once hurt by this person. If you find that nothing like this happens and, perhaps, this is a consequence of your influence on your partner, then you have a chance to fix the Scorpio in the present, but it is not so easy.
Finance compatibility of Cancer and Scorpio is most favorable for Cancer and Scorpio to work as colleagues, guide the future development of a company or organization. This couple's creative vision of the future can shine, and at the same time, they are practical enough to make their dreams come true.
If Cancer and Scorpio are synchronized in time and space, then their love fight can continue indefinitely. Each such date will be more emotional than the previous one, thanks to their ability to save and accumulate their experiences. They are accompanied by an unthinkable, the closest emotional intimacy. Without fear of condemnation from the partner, each of them can fully open up. The ability of Cancers to embody the most incredible fantasies is reinforced by the willingness of Scorpio to play along with them in everything. This beautiful couple only needs an alarm clock so as not to forget to return to the real world.