Cancer and Sagittarius Compatibility

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According to all forecasts and estimates, the union of Cancer and Sagittarius simply should not be. However, sometimes this couple exists contrary to all forecasts and partners manage to be happy with each other, despite all their differences. Fiery Sagittarius, as if created specifically to conquer the whole world with his charm, and Cancer is a terry owner, and goes crazy at the thought of sharing his partner with anyone.

Cancer will try to hide a partner under its shell, hide from everyone and make another one – homely and compliant. Sagittarius will resist this with all his might. There are a lot of quarrels and misunderstandings in the compatibility of Cancer and Sagittarius, in order to become happy they need to work hard on themselves.
There is a strange kind of relationship between Cancers and Sagittarians: each of them is attracted to something and at the same time repels in a partner. Sagittarians, at first glance, give the impression of happy people. Their element is Fire, so an aura of inspiration is formed around them. Talkative and narcissistic Sagittarians rarely do without a good story or words of encouragement to a potential partner.

Cancers, despite their cardinality, are usually stewed upon acquaintance. Before expressing their own opinion, they try to listen and feel the interlocutor. As a rule, Cancers immediately notice some rudeness and egocentrism of Sagittarians, but the unrelenting curiosity that these two feel for each other encourages them to get closer.
When Sagittarians suffer, they can easily subject you to insults without paying attention to your sensitivity. Naturally, Cancer, such bursts do not give pleasure, but try to understand that they are a consequence of your partner's mental anguish. For example, Sagittarians are too sensitive to the negative perception of their fantasies - which is a common thing for you - it makes them very nervous. Remember that Sagittarians are immoderate in everything, so, being close to a partner, encourage his useful initiatives and try to keep him from adventures.
For obvious reasons, the business partnership of Cancer and Sagittarius does not have many chances of success, their financial compatibility is problematic. The dominant character of Sagittarius prevails in such a union, but Cancer is not able to withstand it for a long time. To avoid this and try to resolve the situation, Cancers will have to meet the resolution of the conflict with Sagittarius.
There is a compatibility between Cancer and Sagittarius that is characteristic of all signs separated from each other by five positions: with favorable layouts in the corresponding natal charts, the charm of the connection between them will remain, but due to the presence of many other obstacles, the initial flash can quickly go out. The key contradiction in this compatibility is the discrepancy between the natural temperaments of the partners: the fast and furious passion of the fiery signs, on the one hand, and the enveloping unhurriedness of the aquatic entities perceiving intimacy in the form of deep emotional experiences, on the other.

Lapping to each other usually happens slowly for them, because Sagittarians prefer to hide their own mental traumas for the time being, reminding them of the cruelty of life. But next to the Crayfish, looking at them with their shining eyes. Sagittarians feel that they will finally be properly understood, and are liberated. Cancers, on the other hand, react to the wounds of Sagittarians with their inherent care. In this case, there is a type of relationship that is absent in other combinations.