Cancer and Libra Compatibility

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Cancer is able, in the end, to understand the romantic nature of Libra, but he is too careful to awaken in the indecisive Libra the emotional response he needs. Disappointed by the superficiality of Libra, Cancer begins to criticize them, and its claws inflict deep wounds.

Cancer, who values money, is annoyed by the extravagance of Libra. They both love a brilliant social life, and Cancer feels best in the warmth of their own home. Over time, problems in the compatibility of Cancer and Libra may resolve, but usually the result is not worth the wait.
The love compatibility of Cancer and Libra is a relationship between two people with a cardinal or aggressive motivation who have something to learn from each other. Astrological Cancer marks the onset of this summer, as a result of which people of this sign are endowed with a natural ability to excite both their own and other people's emotions. On the other hand, the selfless care of Cancers about others brings them well-deserved recognition. Libra signals the arrival of autumn, and the people controlled by this sign are unsurpassed experts in establishing contacts. They are able to instantly discern and voice the positive aspects of their interlocutor's personality, which generates an equally positive response from his side.

Cancers and Libra have mutual respect, but usually tend to keep their distance. In compatibility with Libra, Cancers like their charm, for which, in turn, the emotional protection of the interests of their partner by Cancers is attractive. However, the contradictions between them lie in the approach to life: Libra tends to forgive and forget; they are able to analyze situations from different positions and try to adhere to the framework of decency. Cancers hide the motives of their actions and are categorical in their judgments. Libra is aware of the nuances of their partners' behavior, but they try not to discuss it. Cancers are looking for common ground and gravitate towards subjectivism, while Libra strives for objectivity and is not so friendly.
Cancers, you will avoid unnecessary suffering if you realize in time that flirting with your Libra is necessary to increase their self-esteem. You should not invent anything and link their behavior with their attitude towards you, but you just need to realize that they live by the love that they radiate themselves, and its reciprocal reflection from other people.

Libra does not tolerate when they are closely studied, and will establish the fact of self-control if you are not careful. They are also able to use not quite correct methods of protection when they feel that they are being denigrated. Try to remember that Libra is the "diplomats" of the zodiac. If, in their opinion, you are wrong, they will not hesitate to tell you what they think, regardless of the degree of closeness of your relationship.
Partners and colleagues working in a combination of Cancer and Libra can sometimes be too sensitive to each other, they will go through periods of irritation and alienation. But their compatibility can work, it's important for them to be less sensitive and develop the ability to ignore emotions or resist each other's negative feelings.
Intrigue is always present where the emotional meets the rational. However, the strong initial attraction between Libra and Cancer quickly fades away, as Libra refuses to follow Cancers, and vice versa. Libra is very picky about everything that concerns beauty - so those on whom they chose have already passed a serious test.

Libra finds the emotional richness of Cancers intriguing, and at the first meeting, both instantly have mutual respect for the strength of the other. What is good sex, everyone in this couple also understands in their own way, because none of them will get real satisfaction if both do not want to adjust accordingly to each other.