Cancer and Leo Compatibility

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Cancer has to get used to the emotions spilling out of Leo over the edge. In other respects, a generous, sincere, strong Leo is exactly what an insecure Cancer is looking for. Cancer and Leo compatibility can be successful and happy. Cancer's amazing intuition tells him exactly how to handle a proud and bright Lion.

To make a Lion purr peacefully, it will take admiration and a large dose of flattery. Leo dominates the bedroom, he is too straightforward in sex for Cancer. But Leo's cheerfulness is an excellent antidote to Cancer's gloominess.
The Sun (Leo) and the Moon (Cancer) are two luminaries who have divided the celestial sphere among themselves. Cancers reflect the optimism of their partners, which makes them excellent mirrors for royal Lions. The happier Leo is in this compatibility, the brighter Cancer shines! Cancer almost always have children; in addition, they have many friends, and among them they also count their dogs and representatives of the feline family. Due to their inherent sincerity, Lions are often called children of the zodiac - sometimes even infantile - but this is not the only reason why these two signs converge.

Cancer, being aquatic creatures, live in a world of emotions. They are distinguished by a strong shell that protects their vulnerable insides, and a tendency to worry. When Cancer and Leo meet, radiating optimism, mutual attraction arises almost instantly. If the Lions are strong enough to continue to shine without being afraid to show their vulnerabilities, they will become the partners that Cancers cannot resist.
One of the main attitudes of Cancer is maternal care of your partner. So, Leo, you will be taken care of like a child, if you, of course, allow it, but in return they will hope for help from your side. Cancers need to know that you can always cover their back in case of unforeseen circumstances. They will certainly want to share with their partner the burden of responsibility for the well-being of their life together (after all, they also perform protective functions).

The mood of Crayfish is not always connected with your words or actions, so do not take it personally. Cancers often do not know themselves why they behave this way and not otherwise, however, if you submit to the partner's court a plan to ensure his comprehensive safety, you will certainly receive an enthusiastic response from the latter.
Business partnership between Cancer and Leo is rarely productive, compatibility is problematic. Leo will quickly get tired of the constant complaints and negative attitude of Cancer, who also wants to play the role of a fearless leader.
Cancers are incredibly hypochondriacal and modest, and Lions pretend that they are not at all interested in the attentions they receive. When Cancers begin to look for approaches to Lions - pretending not to notice the obvious interest in their own person - they, continuing to pretend inaccessibility, indirectly make it clear to Cancers that they, in fact, can be admitted to the body. The Crayfish encouraged in this way get the opportunity to satisfy the passion of hungry Lions.

As for compatibility, it remains wonderful until the Lions become too demanding and irritable, which causes the Crayfish to retreat. After a certain time, one of them is the first to take a step towards reconciliation, unbridled passion flares up between them again, and the whole cycle of Cancer and Leo's relationship repeats from beginning to end.