Cancer and Gemini Compatibility

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Gemini and Cancer at first glance seem to be a strange and even paradoxical couple. Gemini is active, sociable and open to new things, Cancer is a closed homebody, what can connect them? However, if both are able to find a goal, they will achieve a lot. The union of Gemini and Cancer rarely develops successfully because of the difference in temperament. And although both signs are quite emotional and sensual, they manifest it in different ways. The development of this pair is quite unpredictable, and largely depends on what each of the partners needs from the other.
Gemini thinks that Cancers are reliable partners who can be trusted. Cancer, meeting Gemini, is captivated by their mystery, and he is drawn to unravel what they are hiding. In reality, these signs have much more in common than it seems at first glance. So Cancer and Gemini are impetuous and somewhat scattered, Gemini has a kaleidoscope of ideas, and Cancers have exactly the same kaleidoscope, but only emotions.

If Cancers recognize Gemini's right to freedom of personal expression, then such compatibility can be surprisingly strong. If Cancer shows its possessive nature and wants to tie the Gemini, then their restless partner will simply disappear the next morning. In general, Gemini willingly recognizes the leading role for Cancers, because they immediately feel a real master in him, and Cancers, fascinated by Gemini, are ready to lay down their own lives at their feet. A little later, certain frictions caused by a discrepancy on some rather important issues are quite possible.
The mood of Crayfish changes so often that it may seem simply incomprehensible to someone. Here he was just having fun with the whole company, when suddenly Cancer moved aside and turned into a passive observer. And after a while, he can completely immerse himself in his own thoughts, not paying attention to anyone around. Sometimes, under the influence of the managing Mercury, his jokes may seem quite caustic and sarcastic, they can hurt you, Gemini, so you may need a lot of patience in order to adapt to such changes.

On the other hand, when Cancer is in a good mood, he loves to talk very much and is distinguished by excellent eloquence. The most important thing, if you value this compatibility, is not to enter into arguments with him, because Cancer will not stop and will bring more and more arguments until it completely dissuades you.
When it comes to business compatibility, the Cancer manager is much preferable. His practical grasp will be aimed at creating appropriate working conditions for the Gemini, as well as directing the efforts of the windy Gemini in the right direction, correcting deviations and errors in time. If there are common goals, such cooperation can be very successful, in the same case, if a rivalry begins, for example, over intellectual property rights, then it is better for one of the partners to step aside.
In the intimate compatibility of Gemini and Cancer, everything is on the level. Although Cancers are often characterized by mood instability, the love of life and extreme physical attractiveness of Gemini are able to bring them out of the deepest depression in the bedroom. Cancer shows exceptional sensuality in bed and is very gentle to a partner.

Gemini, on the other hand, brings a significant share of diversity to intimate relationships, and, moreover, guided by the most sudden ideas. Cancer's susceptibility makes it easy to implement them, and his extraordinary tact and tenderness will finally melt the Gemini's heart. So these two will definitely not be bored.