Cancer and Capricorn Compatibility

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Cancer and Capricorn are sexually attracted to each other, but harmony in the bedroom hardly compensates for the differences that will arise in all other areas. Cancer will be outraged by Capricorn's imperiousness. Capricorn is irritated by the endless emotional claims of Cancer. Cancer, in need of spiritual warmth, when compatible with Capricorn, will be disappointed by his cold dispassion. Both Cancer and Capricorn are afraid of being rejected, but Cancer tends to withdraw into itself, and Capricorn - to show tyrannical habits. Much is determined by the fact that these are opposing signs.
Compatibility love Cancer and Capricorn unites two cardinal signs that have compatible elements (Cancer is Water, and Capricorn is Earth). It is easy to imagine their relationship in the form of the following archetypes: Cancers - parents providing a positive emotional background; Capricorns - fathers dealing with issues of material well-being. Both tend to take care of others, only in different spheres. Cancers from childhood assumed responsibility for maintaining a normal psychological climate in their family, that is, they played the role of a parent. Capricorns had to protect themselves from a young age and grow up early to help the family and not be a burden.

Capricorns are traditionalists who believe in the usual order of things, in once and for all a certain world order and in life values. Cancers are sentimental subjects who idealize their wonderful past and prefer home cooking (even if they had neither). When these two meet, both have a mutual sense of security and respect, because they are able to immediately recognize each other's characteristics. Unlike other cardinal signs (Libra and Aries), they readily join forces to create a family.
Capricorns are determined and can easily build a protective wall around themselves if they feel hurt or decide that they are being manipulated. At the same time, they are very possessive about what they own, including you, Cancer. They expect from you the presence of constant self-control and, if anything, they will immediately point you to unreasonable, in their opinion, spending or inappropriate emotions.

Regardless of their own rightness, Capricorns can persist in their opinion and turn to ice without achieving what they want. In the worst case scenario, encouraged by impunity, they are able to come to an extreme degree of dominance bordering on cruelty. Remember that, if necessary, you should resolutely resist them. Sometimes it's the only language they understand.
Cancer and Capricorn can successfully work together in a team. But, as a rule, it is better if they are on the same level. As soon as one occupies a higher position and gains power, conflicts can begin. However, their compatibility is stable, as business partners they rarely break up. Therefore, in this combination of financial compatibility of Cancer and Capricorn, there is every chance to ensure both success in work.
Cancer's attraction to Capricorn arises almost instantly, since everyone is able to satisfy the needs of their partner. The intensity and duration of their passion can be estimated at ten based on a ten-point scale. A couple consisting of zodiac "parents" necessarily adheres to serious intentions. When these two come together, they strive to be effective in everything, and reproduction, of course, is also the purpose of their connection. As for intimate compatibility, Cancer and Capricorn are perfect for each other. They both perceive intimate relationships as something more than just sexual pleasures.

Both sides pay special attention to the loving caresses of their partner and listen to his wishes. Cancers feel safe in the arms of Capricorn. At the same time, Capricorns understand that they can afford frank statements. Both have an exceptional passion for each other, so it is not surprising that their sexual appetites are fully satisfied. This circumstance is the key to the future success of their union.