Cancer and Cancer Compatibility

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The best, oddly enough, compatibility of Cancers. This union turns out to be strong, loving, and most importantly — they have common goals and dreams. If you have managed to build such a relationship, then definitely rejoice. There will be a lot of happiness and tenderness in the love relationships of these water signs. The main thing is to be able to be on the same wavelength with your partner, not to leave him to his fate.

The partners have a lot in common, but this creates problems. They understand each other perfectly and can easily inflict wounds on their partner. Both are too sensitive, demanding and dependent. Cancers are overly concerned about their mental state: they need a lot of attention, care, support. They resent it if they don't get it. On the positive side: Cancers are extremely sensual lovers, igniting each other's erotic imagination.
Whenever there is compatibility between people born under the same sign, it is important to pay attention to their natal charts. Cancers are controlled by the Moon, which makes them funny, capricious and, in general, unpredictable. Regardless of the assumed guises, the common denominator of the personalities of Cancers will remain their propensity for guardianship. Entering into a relationship with each other, Cancers at first sincerely admire the warmth of the partner's heart. Whether they're pouring coffee or checking to see if the food is cold, they're constantly responding to each other's emotional responses and needs. The reason for such touching behavior is their desire to control their environment... although they will never admit it. They want everything to happen this way, and not otherwise, because that's when they feel safe.

Such considerations turn out to be one of the fundamental motives for their unification. Problems related to the mother have a great influence on the combination consisting of Cancers, especially in matters of love and hate. A partner who has managed to get rid of maternal custody or, at least, to leave her home, is likely to determine the emotional and rational policy of this couple. Partners are amazing when they are in love with someone. They look quite funny at the same time: they flutter their eyelashes, are sad or embarrassed and seem completely defenseless. From an instantaneous sympathy, an equally spontaneous attraction to them is born.
Cancers are the embodiment of devotion, care and guardianship. You like to receive in return signs of attention comparable to those that you show yourself, so that, showing your best qualities, you expect a similar reaction to your address. Cancer is also a very mandatory sign. Each of you has a list of things that "need to be done before you die," which makes the bond between you extremely strong. But emotional sincerity is completely out of character for you. Of course, your partner is pleased to inform you when he is in a bad mood, but you will only have to guess about the reasons for his negative state.

In addition, every Cancer has a hard time reconciling with the fact that no one makes cohabitation more "homey" than his partner. Imagine two Crayfish living under the same roof. Their house, in fact, is more than just a house; it is a kind of shrine - a place where you can eat, sleep, study, have fun - and it is unthinkable to despise it! Cancers always get what they want, and when their interests come into mutual conflict, the only question is which of them will be the first to temporarily compromise their interests.
A couple of Cancers are very good as business partners or colleagues in the professional field, they are able to work as friends. Given the peculiarities of their compatibility, it is important for them to pay attention to the fact that emotions should be kept under control. When they have combined their energy together in a commercial enterprise, few can compare with them in efficiency. After they have started an enterprise, their progress towards success will be compared to the waves of the mighty ocean and the constancy of the river flow.
Cancers are endowed with a very rich imagination. In a state of passion, they perceive their partners as the most beautiful creatures in the world. The natural sense of humor and the ability of Crayfish to respond to each other's needs makes the space they inhabit the best place on Earth... and they don't need anyone else. Cancers understand making love that way. The only intractable problem for partners in such compatibility is the coordination of the time of their intimacy. At the beginning of the relationship, everything is simple, but gradually the issue of such synchronization becomes more and more difficult for them.

The point lies in the peculiarities of their psyche; no one - not even the Cancers themselves - knows why they are "in the mood" for making love or "not in the mood" to even talk about anything... or why they become sad, depressed, lonely, happy, confident, doubtful. Thus, predicting when it will be time for the next intimacy between them is like predicting a win at roulette. In a word, as long as the desires of both Cancers do not coincide, they can forget about having sex together.