Cancer and Aries Compatibility

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Poor compatibility of signs. Aries constantly attract weaker creatures, including Cancers, who really want to experience the fiery temperament of Aries. Cancer in the arms of Aries in moments of oblivion is experiencing huge emotional unrest and a storm of feelings. The problem is that when feelings are squandered, little remains. Aries does not find sufficient satisfaction, and they can start quarreling over trifles.

The mismatch of temperaments does not allow them to enter the state of "soul to soul". In this union, of course, Aries will rule, and the fate of this couple will depend only on his prudence and restraint. This union is very problematic because of too large discrepancies in many spheres and areas of life. The prognosis for this connection is unfavorable.
If you look at the compatibility of Aries and Cancer from the outside, it will seem very harmonious to you. It seems that Aries and Cancer have absolutely no problems. However, in fact, this impression is quite deceptive. Indeed, after all, Aries values, first of all, their freedom and independence, while the interests of Cancers are entirely focused on home and family. There simply cannot be contradictions here.

For a while everything really goes pretty smoothly, however, at some point Aries begins to get bored with the home routine, and they will hurry to express their dissatisfaction. Cancers are extremely touchy and sometimes it only takes one awkward or ill-timed word to make them withdraw into themselves. Aries is not inclined to be patient at all. Thus, the fragile harmony of this union will be at serious risk from time to time. The onslaught from Aries will increase, and Cancer will back away and at some point he may even come up with the idea that it's time to pack your bags. But Aries can already slam the door by that time.
Cancer is an extremely thrifty zodiac sign, he will always have a reserve set aside for a rainy day. Aries, Cancer is not greedy, as it may seem at first glance, he is just extremely thorough, and if you want him to part with his money, just try to convince him that he is acquiring a really worthwhile thing. Cancer will surround you with tenderness and care, and his taciturnity is not isolation at all, it is an unwillingness to waste words.

If Cancer has decided that you are exactly what he has been looking for all his life, you will be simply surprised at how actively and persistently he will begin to act. If you want to speed up the decision-making process and marriage proposals, give him a reason to be jealous. Cancer is an owner who in no case wants to let the prey out of his hands.
As for the business compatibility of Aries and Cancer, they have much more chances of success than love ones. Cancer is extremely practical and he understands that Aries is an extremely valuable worker. Cancer – the boss can make full use of Aries' love for travel and send him on business trips more often. On the other hand, Aries is impressed by the artistry and accuracy of Cancer, his remarkable mind. You just need to remember that you can't put pressure on Cancer, and an overly authoritarian leadership can only spoil the whole thing.
Intimate compatibility between Aries and Cancer is also not very easy. Usually Cancer shows increased attention to the desires of its partner. He is just a fabulous lover, showing not only sensuality in the bedroom, but also a vivid imagination. On the other hand, Cancer really likes the ingenuousness and directness in sex that Aries demonstrates.

Cancer gives himself completely to his feeling, provided, of course, that he really loves. Therefore, regardless of how much experience Aries has, every time with a new partner everything happens as if anew. However, Cancer can unexpectedly and in a rather abrupt form refuse intimacy, it is so affected by certain lunar phases. Naturally, this hurts the fiery and ardent Aries, who can say a lot of harsh and offensive words to his partner. And all you have to do is wait until the lunar phase changes.