Cancer and Aquarius Compatibility

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Aquarius takes the possessive habits of Cancer with hostility and does not understand why he cannot enjoy freedom. Aquarius treats love lightly, which makes sensitive Cancer feel rejected. Aquarius is outraged by the demanding nature of the affectionate Cancer and its eternal complaints caused by the need for constant proof of love. Cancer needs a reliable, safe home, but Aquarius is prone to changing places. Cancer wants to chain Aquarius to the hearth, but Aquarius will soon prefer wandering.
The love compatibility of Aquarians and Cancers, of course, claim to be one of the most intriguing mysteries of life. There is Cancer - cardinal Water and Aquarius, which is fixed Air. The relationship between them is very curious: Aquarians seem confident, arrogant, strong and silent, and on the other hand, wounded by life so much that Cancers have a goal to take care of them. Cancer with its moist and sensual eyes is a mystery to Aquarius (who loves riddles). Cancers are also not always comfortable in their inner world, and they are wounded by life just as much as necessary to encourage Aquarius to show humanity. Don't you think there's a coincidence here? The natural differences of these two signs imply a different perception of the same phenomena.

Aquarians think in pictures, Cancers think in images. It sounds about the same, but the image is a segment of the imagination, and it is changeable. Whereas a picture is a static, realistic and detailed object. Cancers are sensitive to the lunar cycle, and Aquarians are only sensitive to their own preferences. Cancers trust feelings, their partners trust thoughts. Yes, there are enough differences in such compatibility to make this connection look extremely intriguing. Cancers are inherently unreliable. Their life is governed by a gamut of feelings, the source of which are so deep reservoirs that Cancers themselves cannot determine the origin of their uncontrolled emotions. For Aquarians, their partners are a natural phenomenon that they are able to feel (which is difficult for them) and understand (which is extremely important).
Cancer go on the defensive if they foresee a threat to their safety. Security is a broad concept, and for Cancers it is defined as a sense of security. As a rule, security threat and not love are synonymous for them. Cancers are natural "parents", they need to realize their instinctive need to take care of someone. With the hope that one day all the good things will come back to them a hundredfold.

Cancers like to babysit you, and they love showing appreciation in return for their efforts. Although such guardianship is rather burdensome for you, understand that for them it is a way to feel like a part of your life. What you perceive as excessive control is a way of communicating with you, and not a desire to bend you under yourself. Understand that Cancers don't care about some abstract people, they care about you. It would be nice if you could learn to understand their feelings.
For Cancer and Aquarius, the relationships of work colleagues are preferable. If they work side by side on a daily basis, they have a good chance of achieving success and good professional compatibility. They become most effective when they work on the implementation of new ideas. If they are only required to complete a scheduled task, they quickly get bored. They are both born innovators, capable of solving non-standard tasks and problems, can come up with the most ingenious ways to solve a difficult situation and come out on top.
With a favorable compatibility of energies between Cancers and Aquarius, a certain attraction may arise. The fixed nature of Aquarians, of course, will not allow them to take the first step towards rapprochement, however, it is powerless before the impatient pressure of Cancers. But Cancers should also be prepared for the fact that at the end of their love games, their Aquarius partner is likely to delve into a textbook on quantum physics, since the main love of his whole life is cognition!