Aries and Virgo Compatibility

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This marriage alliance will always be problematic. The courage of Aries is likely to conquer the imagination of a restrained Virgo. Aries will be fascinated by Virgo's tact and self-control. However, their temperaments are so different that it will take a lot of patience from both to make things go well. The connection will be pleasant, but the chances of a successful marriage are fifty-fifty. But there may be an ideal business cooperation here.
Ice and flame in its brightest manifestation. Love in the representation of Aries is a chase, a fire, a conquest and the strongest emotions that warm him up from the inside. And Virgo's feelings in a relationship can not be fully understood by anyone, even herself. Virgo is used to constantly keeping everything under control, that's why she rarely goes crazy with passion.

Oddly enough, this combination is very successful for both lovers: Aries receives an object of conquest, which is impossible to unravel and know from the first touch. Chastity and dignity of the Virgo sign always keeps partners at a respectful distance, and this is exactly what a fiery partner needs. With this state of affairs, he will receive a lot of attention and compliments that are so necessary.
A difficult marriage, because it rests on the patience and self-control of the Virgin. Being a very restrained and rational zodiac sign, it is able to extinguish the partner's emotions, which are always over the edge. He responds to aggression with composure and calmness, does not provoke the partner to rudeness, and this gives him the necessary time to cool down and think about his behavior.

The work on building a harmonious family in a couple lies entirely with Aries, since the partner remains an impulsive, selfish child. There is order and perfect cleanliness in their house, into which Aries constantly brings some kind of confusion. But Virgo takes everything into her own hands. She will not allow the household to litter and scatter in different directions. By organizing everything with intelligence and diligence, the partner is able to maintain balance and maintain order. This is especially true for financial management and the organization of the daily routine.
An unexpectedly successful combination. It is better for a fiery colleague to become a leader, because he has the ability to achieve his own, but at the same time needs a cold-blooded adviser who knows how to stop him in time and calm him down. Virgo's talent to calculate and plan everything perfectly will become an unshakable basis for building a business.

Aries will need self-control and self-control, because his rudeness and straightforwardness do not work in relation to the earth element. You can't be cavalier with a pedantic Virgin. A special approach is required to her, which will help her to reveal all the best qualities and be realized in her work. If all the conditions are met, colleagues will be able to build a profitable and efficient business.
The initial attraction risks soon being replaced by disappointment. The fact is that Aries considers the partner's coldness to be a manifestation of restrained coquetry. He is sure that in this way the partner kindles interest and passion in him. How does his disappointment become when he realizes that this is the true manifestation of Virgo. She willingly accepts the partner's initiative, but cannot support it.

After a while, sex becomes insipid, and the partner begins to look at the side more and more often. And, at a time when Virgo is satisfied with everything, the partner is already preparing ways to retreat. Aries do not like to talk about problems and believe that if the relationship has started to deteriorate, it means that the partner has cooled down to him, and there is nothing to talk about here.