Aries and Taurus Compatibility

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Two different personalities. Aries does not like the measured pace of Taurus and the lack of imagination. The impulsivity of Aries when making decisions irritates the conservative Taurus, who does not like abrupt changes. Taurus is drawn to the house, and impulsive Aries strives for new sensations and freedom. Taurus has a sense of ownership, he is jealous and conservative. Aries' need to defend his individuality makes Taurus feel rejected. Taurus knows how to make money, but Aries spends it even better. The connection will cause serious friction. Everyone should have their own personal space, territory, although at night — only together. Their marriage will be turbulent, but if they stay together long enough, Aries will appreciate the reliability and constancy of Taurus.
If it weren't for the fantastic stubbornness of Taurus and the impulsiveness of Aries, they would have a chance to become the most stable and stable couple. But conflicts of interest break out between partners every now and then.

In such conflicts, Aries chooses the tactics of attack, and Taurus closes in on himself. A rude Aries often offends a fragile Taurus with a careless word, and soon forgets about it, but the sediment on the soul will lie for a very long time. Each of them loves in different ways: Aries is passionate and hot, and Taurus is sensual and unhurried. At first, Aries may even be annoyed by the conservatism and old-fashioned partner, but soon it is possible to convince him that stability and comfort can be attractive no less than adventures and passions.
They get married, as a rule, without much thought. Aries will try to lass a partner as soon as possible and get himself into the property, because Aries is the owner in everything. But Taurus will not object to this, because Taurus is domestic and permanent, able to take care of a partner like a small child, which is incredibly comforting. This happy union can last a lifetime if the partners learn mutual compromises.

Taurus needs to understand that Aries, like everyone else, has the right to make a mistake, and it is not worth laying straw in front of him at every step. And Aries should respect the partner's right to be himself — very delicate and even shy, not to impose his opinion by rudeness. In this marriage, desirable, beloved children are born, who take the best qualities from their parents. Taurus will take care of good upbringing.
A very fruitful and efficient tandem, if colleagues reject the idea of competition and are focused on results. These signs have a number of differences in the approach to work. The main difficulty is that they work in different rhythms and with different voltages. Aries is fast and reckless, and Taurus is slow and focused.

In working together, they should share responsibilities. The part where quick reactions and speed of decision-making are required should be taken over by Aries. Work that requires perseverance and scrupulousness should become the prerogative of Taurus. If this condition is met, the couple is doomed to financial success of any enterprise.
Sex with this couple is very good, but sometimes a partner can shock Taurus with the boldness of their desires. Taurus loves sex very much and is required in sufficient quantity. But he is reluctant to experiment, which can not but upset the partner. Taurus is traditional and constant in his predilections, therefore, upset by a series of refusals, Aries can embark on a search for someone who will share the passion with experiments.

But after 40 years there is a sharp change of roles. At this age, the sexuality of Taurus is fully revealed, and Aries becomes more restrained and prudent. From this moment begins the golden era of the union.