Aries and Sagittarius Compatibility

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Both signs belong to the same element of Fire, and love between them arises at first sight. The optimism of Aries and a good sense of humor of Sagittarius will bring a playful attitude to love. Mutual understanding reached in the bedroom can create a favorable atmosphere for a relationship. Their connection will be closely related to the problem of physical satisfaction. Sagittarius is always and constantly striving to find the truth, and here Aries will be his best assistant, because disputes, conversations and disputes between both just lead to this goal. Such a development of events is often possible: if you delay with the registration of marriage, then you can confidently assume that "the train has left", and this couple will disperse on the same platform and will wait for the next train to leave with another partner.

Any slowness and hesitation cause discord in the soul of Sagittarius, and the union can burst like a soap bubble. But it should be noted that with regard to marriage, the initiative comes only from Aries. Aries women, as a rule, quickly and easily cope with their Sagittarius. Their determination always prevails over the wavering feelings of Sagittarius. As long as Sagittarius consults only with his Aries, and considers only his views and opinions, with his point of view, everything will be fine in their family life. The marriage union between them promises to be harmonious and prosperous.
The leitmotif of a romantic relationship is passion and jealousy. And both of these feelings are experienced by Aries. Sagittarius is softer in its manifestations and does not seek to overshadow the entire horizon of the partner. An active life position, a lot of acquaintances of the opposite sex and the desire to lead an independent, separate life, cause an irresistible jealousy in Aries.

Under the influence of strong emotions, Aries may even dismiss his hands, since people of this constellation can be real abusers. But this will be the last thing a partner will dare in a relationship with Sagittarius. For the most part, he will restrain his impulses, which will cause tension to build up inside him. Otherwise, the couple's love is beautiful and ardent, causes envy and admiration of others. The admirer is infatuated with his Sagittarius, who keeps his distance, not allowing him to get close enough to enslave him. This forces Aries to seek and conquer his partner, who is constantly slipping away, on a daily basis.
The weak side of the union. Sagittarius demands personal space and freedom, and Aries tries his best to bind to home and everyday life. The complexity of the situation lies in the fact that as soon as Sagittarius shows weakness and submits, he immediately loses interest and cools down. If the partner continues to bend his line, Aries will want to achieve by all available means. Therefore, marriage often resembles war. Both make high demands on their partner, which they often do not meet themselves. At the same time, it is considered unacceptable to compromise their interests.

The undulating flow of family life, on the one hand, spurs the spouses and brings them closer. On the other hand, the constant emotional intensity takes too much energy and strength. Marriage is complicated in every way. There will be no peace and tranquility in their house. Quarrels break out in it from scratch, from which children suffer greatly. They gain independence early and decide to lead an independent life, just to distance themselves from militant parents. There is also no agreement on household and financial issues, which are always on the family's agenda.
Explosive couple. They are able to join forces on the way to the goal and fight fiercely against external threats. But just as desperately Aries and Sagittarius can fight among themselves. Aries, who needs a battlefield, is infinitely determined to fight. And, if a suitable enemy does not turn up at this time, he will take up his business partner. It is better to entrust the management of the common cause to Sagittarius. Sagittarius is extremely energetic and resourceful. Unlike Aries, she is a calmer person, and is able to keep the pace for a long time without putting all her strength into a single throw.

If Aries becomes the boss, then things will go much worse. The inability to rationally distribute their own forces and finances will endanger business, will require considerable efforts from the outside to correct the situation. At the same time, Aries is quite rude and straightforward, he does not have enough diplomacy to competently and delicately circumvent sharp corners.
The couple's sex is amazing! They seem to feel each other, anticipating the desires and expectations of their lover. Animal passion, tenderness, honed technique — everything in their bedroom is on top. The fiery element controlling the union makes them one, helping to achieve absolute harmony.

Time has a beneficial effect on the couple, their sex is getting better every day. There is also one difficulty in this: partners risk becoming dependent on each other, and for a long time lose the ability to adequately assess both everything that is happening around them and themselves. But if Aries and Sagittarius approach intimacy wisely, and begin to taste it slowly and savoring, they will significantly enrich their lives.