Aries and Pisces Compatibility

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The courage and confidence of Aries, complemented by the intuition and imagination of Pisces, will lead to an eventful union. Differing characters and temperaments complement each other. Aries is self-confident and full of vitality, Pisces is timid and driven. Aries likes to command, Pisces needs support. For a happy union, Aries will need only a little tact.
Aries and Pisces are as different in their manifestations as possible. A gentle and perceptive Fish in behavior is guided by deep feelings. She strives for privacy with a partner, needs affection and care. But Aries is by nature a fighter and a conqueror. He takes by force what is not given into his hands by itself, however, then he does not always know what to do with the trophies.

This is also the case with Pisces, which, once in the power of Aries, begins to demand from him what he is not capable of. The partner constantly surprises her unpleasantly: he is harsh, jealous, rude. Aries seems to purposely ignore the needs of his partner's soul, demanding to be less self-absorbed and always cheerful. The last Fish manages very badly. She likes to talk about her feelings and problems, and for a good mood requires weighty reasons. Soon Aries gets tired of her requests, loses interest and switches to another object.
Marriage is concluded on the initiative of Aries. Falling in love, he does not seek to postpone the proposal for a long time, hurries the partner to get ready for the wedding. At first, the representative of the element of water literally inspires such a pressure and zeal of the partner, but soon she realizes that it will be very difficult for them together. The difference of temperaments, worldviews and priorities prevails over strong feelings, which are inevitably blunted.

Spouses discover that they are not able to meet each other's needs. Aries needs passions, boiling emotions, quarrels and applications, while Pisces, like air, needs depth and a subtle feeling of a loved one. Alas, the partner is too hot and selfish to give her as much attention as she asks for. The partner does not help around the house, spends a lot of time with his friends, and does not even want to discuss anything, he is the master of the situation here, and the fate of the Fish is to adapt to his desires and endure.
Aries and Pisces will be able to work together only on the condition that Aries will lead and make decisions. It cannot be said that he always acts wisely, but he is completely confident in his rightness and outstanding talents of the leader. A colleague of the fiery element has a short temper and an uncompromising attitude to work. He has a model of an ideal business in his head, which he aspires to. Aries lacks flexibility and tolerance, especially in those issues that should be resolved diplomatically.

Pisces here can provide tangible help if they unobtrusively tell the boss in time where he is overreacting. Once in the circle of trust of the boss, the subordinate Pisces is able to exert a beneficial influence on him, balance and calm down. She should take on the scrupulous work that Aries is not capable of. The young lady's thoughtfulness and developed intuition will benefit the common cause.
Partners love high-quality sex, but everyone invests in the concept of "quality". Aries loves hard, rough, frequent sex, in which there is no need to waste time on long foreplay. The ideal Fish is ready always and everywhere, and can indulge in pleasures all day long. Aries is often selfish in bed, he cares, first of all, about his satisfaction and well-being.

Next to an inattentive partner, Pisces feels used in a hurry. She catastrophically does not have enough time to tune in to the right mood, which is why she often remains unsatisfied in bed, trying to look for reasons in herself. This can give rise to a lot of female complexes. For the most effective interaction in the bedroom, partners need to learn to find compromises. It is better for one to slow down and think about his partner, and the other to concentrate less on what is not in the relationship and help develop the positive qualities of his lover.