Aries and Libra Compatibility

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Here Aries meets his opposite from the Zodiac. Aggressive Aries finds it difficult to get along with Libra. Despite the fact that both partners are different in their mental makeup, and they have contradictions in many areas of life, they often marry. Aries is attracted by the external beauty of Libra, and Libra is attracted by the courage, determination and fighting spirit of Aries. This union has the right to life if the principles of "democracy" and "equality" are in effect here, if Aries does not bend the partner to himself, and Libra does not try to bring "harmony" everywhere, smooth everything out and align everything. Rather, a short-term relationship is possible, but not a long marriage.
A love union is filled with romance and unpredictability. Everyone, for their part, brings something of their own, and by joining forces, lovers get the opportunity to create a strong couple based on strong, mutual feelings. From the first days the meetings are good and unforgettable. Aries fills them with spontaneity and determination, and from Libra comes lightness and lightness.

But, despite the idyll of two souls, jealousy can creep into one of them. It is difficult for Aries to cope with himself when he notices how other people look at his beautiful partner. On the one hand, it warms up and maintains his interest, and on the other makes him jealous. Often it ends with loud scandals, followed by a series of passionate applications. And no matter how long they have been together — Spanish passions are the lot of this couple.
Marriage will require a lot of strength and patience from Libra. Sometimes a stubborn, fiery Ram behaves like a capricious child. Having got into the undivided possession of a partner, he calms down and begins to show laziness and neglect where he could have put all his strength yesterday. The main role of Libra in marriage is to constantly calm and guide your partner. Blinded by rage or burning desires, for a while the partner is able to lose real ground under his feet and needs a calm, rational look from the outside.

Libra always behaves more mature than her partner, and it's not about age. Aries can sometimes remain immature and short-tempered until old age, but they are exceptionally sincere and generous. In everyday life, Libra will have to do most of the work, since the partner is not a fan of domestic work. In order for him to start helping, he should be properly motivated, and sometimes even pretend to be helpless — he likes to settle things that others are not able to cope with.
Much ado about nothing. Collaboration is just the case when the activity and creativity of colleagues plays against them. The lack of a certain system and lack of rationalism complicates interaction in business, turning work into a fun party. Aries always works in spurts, and it is very important that at the moment of the next jerk there is a person who can slow down his overactive imagination.

Libra can work with dedication and inspiration, but like a colleague, there is a lack of consistency and a specific plan of action. Colleagues will be able to assemble a good, productive team, create a favorable atmosphere within it, but to maintain discipline they will have to resort to the help of signs of the elements of the earth.
Sex is at first frequent and varied, but over time problems may begin in the form of mutual loss of interest. Both constellations are united by the fact that they light up quickly and also cool down quickly. Therefore, it will not be easy to stay together without mutual efforts. If the partners do not take action on rapprochement, there is a high probability of infidelity on the part of both lovers.

A pronounced sense of seduction can serve as fertile ground for the emergence of side relationships. But if lovers are interested in being together, then they should not spend a lot of time apart or deny each other intimacy. Then sex will become another factor that brings them closer together.