Aries and Leo Compatibility

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Although these fiery signs coincide both in character and temperament, this union cannot exist without real and deep love. Lions with their courage and bravery can overcome the most difficult obstacles in life and love, but not in marriage. Both partners have about the same fervor and passion, but if Aries has its volcanic activity still has a target cycle, then Leo can smoke day and night without a break. This is one of the most significant differences between them. It should be added that family funds should be in the hands of Aries, because Leo will always spend them royally left and right. This marriage union will become happy only if Leo meets all the requirements of Aries, both in external and spiritual qualities, if he obeys his Aries meekly, otherwise the rupture and discord of marital life is ensured.
You can hardly find a more passionate couple than these two zodiac signs. A spark runs between them in the first minute of acquaintance, revealing the whole spectrum of love sensations. The fiery element feeds them with warmth and fervent love for many years.A determined and fearless Aries takes the first steps, and a wise and deep Leo only strengthens the foundation of the relationship and does not let feelings fade away. Thanks to this union, a strong and deep love is obtained.
They get married without much thought. Despite the large number of quarrels and misunderstandings, the couple is almost always happy, there is mutual understanding between them. If Aries does not break the character of his partner and impose his opinion on everything, then Leo will be tolerant and caring. Aries is often inclined to spoil everything himself with his rude pressure, he is not a diplomat. In disagreement, both rush into battle with an open visor and arrange hot family scenes. They sort out the relationship theatrically, with full dedication.

Due to the fact that both are very proud and stubborn, they are not the first to reconcile, which is why mutual resentments can take a protracted nature. In between these passions, the couple is happy. They have good children, a wide circle of friends is formed around them.
These two are able to breathe life even into what others have long given up on. In their work, they are assertive and hardworking, able to work with full dedication. There is one difficulty in running a joint business: both want to lead, but no one wants to obey. For fruitful work, Aries and Leo need to discuss all the nuances of working "on the shore" and try to pay less attention to small details.
Spending time in bed with this couple will be bright and exciting. Both are open to bold experiments, trying to bring the effect of novelty into the relationship. As a sexual partner, Aries are bold and technical, and Leo is passionate and sensual. Sex is the only sphere in which Leo will allow himself to be put on his shoulder blades and obey the will of his partner. Aries in bed always tends to dominate, can be domineering and brutal. Leo will gladly accept this: he loves strong partners and deep down needs to be enslaved in sex.