Aries and Gemini Compatibility

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Both are lively and energetic, they can be good friends and lovers. They enjoy an active lifestyle, adventure and diversity, humor and social life. And yet a long and happy marriage is not guaranteed here. The main culprit of this is the very superficial feelings of Gemini and the fact that they almost always have everything "double", that is, they exist in double size — friends and girlfriends, work and hobbies, houses and apartments, as well as partners in love and marriage. Gemini is a wonderful and funny lover for a short time. Surprisingly good agreement between these signs exists when they are united by common ideas and plans, common deeds and goals. Aries as a business partner is simply necessary for Gemini. Gemini is gushing with ideas and plans, from which Aries will choose only the most viable, necessary and necessary and, bypassing all the "pitfalls", bypassing all the sharp corners, without recognizing any obstacles, will put them into practice.
The understanding of love in a couple is somewhat different. Gemini does not represent love without involving the mind in it. Interesting conversations and intellectual battles are needed, which will only warm up feelings. Aries, on the contrary, thinks clearly, concretely and objectively. He is not a speaker, and attempts to talk about anything cause him obvious irritation. Aries expects constant presence and a full report from his partner. From this, the novel can become less airy and more predictable. And, of course, the Twins do not intend to report on their every step. Loves fun companies, the attention of fans, the company of friends. All this causes bouts of intense jealousy in Aries.

Mutual understanding and respect suffer from constant outbursts of jealousy in a couple. Lovers can, under the influence of negative emotions, forget about decency and arrange grandiose scandals with profanity and assault. Conflicts will be exhausted sooner or later, and the residue from the harsh words spoken remains for a long time. The only thing that saves the union is that both zodiac signs are not vindictive.
In this marriage, the compatibility of spouses is very far from ideal. Aries strives with all his might to master his partner and puts a lot of effort into this, even to the point that he is ready to cut off from relatives and friends, plant at home and enjoy the company of Gemini. And Gemini simply does not believe in the institution of marriage, and treats it lightly. In order to love, marriage bonds are not needed, they even burden. Gemini and Aries often quarrel over trifles, get jealous and make scenes. Gemini becomes stuffy in a relationship with their partner, who exerts considerable pressure.

Aries openly expresses the partner's dissatisfaction, makes comments and reproaches, while not choosing expressions very carefully. Gemini categorically does not accept this, respect in the family always comes first. Often Twins keep a family for the sake of joint children, and over time learns to repel the attacks of their partner.
If Aries and Gemini choose an industry that requires precision, concentration and constant tension to work together, then they are doomed to failure. Aries is not able to work with constant tension, after another jerk, he lowers his hands and goes to rest. Gemini, on the other hand, try to avoid responsibility altogether, and in peak situations they will need a partner who will seize the initiative.

The inability to concentrate on the details and perform routine work can lead into a corner any undertaking of Aries and Gemini. Therefore, they will have to involve third parties in the work to perform monotonous, everyday duties, and themselves remain in the role of ideological inspirers.
Partners are perfectly compatible sexually. They complement each other perfectly, passion and diversity reign in their bedroom. Gemini manifests itself as tireless, open to novelty and experiments, and Aries literally charges the air around with its unbridled temperament.

The bed, and everything that happens in it, is of great importance in the life of a couple. There are stormy reconciliations after most quarrels, partners spend a good half of their time together in it. Such a pastime benefits both: Aries becomes lighter and more liberated, Gemini is saturated with passion and sensuality next to his fiery partner.