Aries and Capricorn Compatibility

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Aries is restless, anticipating the future, an experimenter. Capricorn is more of a conservative. The temperament, character traits and rhythm of life of both partners are so different that the union between them exists in very rare cases. From Aries, every more or less solid Capricorn defends himself as best he can. Aries, as a rule, do not really burden themselves with connections with only one partner, especially in their younger years. And they are not afraid of conflicts and separation. Let any Capricorn thank his Aries for having received as a gift a whole "bag of gunpowder of life", expelling from his soul pernicious melancholy and pessimism. If Capricorn builds his life slowly and systematically, then in Aries this process takes place violently, chaotically, rapidly, with thunder and lightning. As a result, Aries is for Capricorn only a fast-flying comet that instantly flared up and disappeared.
Active and bright leaders in everyday life, they remain the same in love. Capricorn's outward restraint is just a mask behind which passion hides. But this passion is hidden so deeply that a force is needed that can bring it to the surface. Aries can become an assistant in this matter, which dilutes the restraint and severity of the partner well.

At first, lovers are comfortable, but soon they begin to quarrel a lot, trying to put each other in their place. Aries diligently wins his right to be the leader in a couple, and Capricorn, trying to avoid a direct collision, seeks to protect his right to dispose of his own life. Because of their conflict, representatives of these zodiac signs rarely form a stable, permanent couple and reach the registry office.
A few unions enter into marriage, since such a combination of signs is not for the faint-hearted and subtle natures. The spouses succeed in everything that implies war and struggle. They can perfectly withstand difficulties and attacks from the outside, but during periods of calm they begin to direct their belligerence against each other.

In everyday life, too, difficulties cannot be avoided. Aries is not too careful in everyday life, while he himself demands attentive and caring behavior from Capricorn. Capricorn really knows absolutely everything, but he is for justice, therefore, he will require Aries to be involved in household chores on a par with him. Spouses quarrel a lot, while Aries cools down as quickly as it flares up, he does not know how to hold grudges for a long time. The same cannot be said about Capricorn, who can endure and hide resentment for a long time, but if the cup of patience is overflowing, the point of no return will come.
Collaboration can be as productive as possible with one thing: colleagues will have to constantly fight the temptation to criticize and make comments to another. Capricorn is better to lead a common cause. He is more rational and less impulsive than Aries. Hard work and the ability to focus on the goal, will not let the couple go off course and will help to effectively realize their professional ambitions.

Aries will become indispensable at times when you have to act decisively and quickly. His natural charm and ability to interest the interlocutor will be useful in negotiations, but on the condition that there will always be a Capricorn nearby, making sure that a colleague does not drift on turns. The horoscope gives a favorable forecast for everything related to finances and long-term projects. At the same time, work that requires painstaking work and increased care should be avoided.
At the very beginning, when there is a novelty effect, sex can be quite harmonious and interesting. But over time, Aries notices that Capricorn is inferior to him in sexual temperament. Intimacy can be frequent and intense, but the fiery partner does not receive the emotions that he urgently needs. The lack of frankness and the desire to conceal their true feelings, make Capricorn in the eyes of Aries "buttoned up".

The lack of diplomatic skills turns any conversation that Aries starts into a debriefing, therefore, all attempts to talk openly with Capricorn end up presenting a long list of claims. Of course, this makes Capricorn even more closed in relation to the partner. Mutual dissatisfaction can push both to search for erotic impressions on the side, which will first weaken the couple, and then completely destroy it.