Aries and Cancer Compatibility

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This marriage union is very problematic. Despite the existence of a strong physical attraction, this couple has very large differences in many spheres and areas of life. Aries constantly attract weaker creatures, including Cancers, who really want to experience the fiery temperament of Aries. Cancer in the arms of Aries in moments of oblivion experiences huge emotional unrest and a storm of feelings. The problem is that when feelings are squandered, little remains. Aries does not find enough satisfaction, and they can start quarreling over trifles. The mismatch of temperaments does not allow them to enter the state of "soul to soul". In this union, of course, Aries will rule, and the fate of this couple will depend only on his prudence and restraint. The prognosis for this connection is unfavorable.
At the beginning of a relationship, Cancers are like a very fragile partner. I just want to take it in my arms and carry it away from all the storms of life. Cancer is vulnerable, modest and gentle, and the self-confident Aries falls in love with these qualities. But, as the relationship develops, both realize that they are too different. Aries does not tolerate too weak partners and Cancers do not tolerate rudeness and impudence, which Aries demonstrates even with the closest people.

Fragile love undergoes several turning points. The first is when Cancers first encounter the uncompromising or even aggressive nature of a partner and feel helpless. The second is when Aries understands that his partner needs constant support, affection and intimate conversations. Aries loves things and people that are hard to break, because he himself is rude and clumsy, and he will either have to learn how to handle a partner correctly, or give up the idea of being together.
Very, very difficult. The spouses seem to speak different languages without understanding each other. Cancers tend to limit Aries. They constantly appeal to conscience, strive to manipulate, influence pity, and all in order for Aries to become complaisant and homely. Of course, this will never come true. The element of fire can be affectionate and manageable only when it lies in the field of its interests, and the rest of the time it is determined to destroy all obstacles in its path.

Aries is not going to limit his freedom after marriage. He continues to walk with friends, have fun and carouse, even when a sad and disappointed partner is waiting for him at home. The situation worsens with the appearance of a child. Cancer begins to beg for help and participation. But Cancer complaints quickly begin to bother my partner, and he, as if on purpose, does everything out of spite. Quarrels often break out in the family, including on domestic and financial grounds, which soon become chronic. Trying to relieve tension, Aries can get another partner, while Cancer falls into depression and wanders in the maze of his own anxious thoughts.
There are good prospects in working together, but only on the condition that Aries will lead. Otherwise, Cancer risks being completely demoralized by a cheeky and narcissistic subordinate. It's not easy for them to work together, but when Cancer can abstract from the rough leadership style of his boss and stop taking his emotional outbursts at his own expense, the business will get on the rails.

Cancer is a good subordinate. He is in no hurry, and therefore does not allow those mistakes that happen every now and then in an impulsive Aries. He is less susceptible to emotions, more diplomatic and collected than her supervisor. Cancer should be entrusted with calculations and any monotonous work from which Aries is bored or enraged. Cancer is able to count and save money, which will be an extremely useful quality at the stage of business formation.
The motto of the couple's sexual relations is "many and often". As it is easy to guess, such a rhythm is set by an insatiable Aries, who puts sex almost in the first place. Intimacy between partners can be quite comfortable if Cancer can stop dwelling on feelings, and finally listen to his body. If you manage to do this, you will have the most daring and high-quality sex in your life.

In the event that shyness and tightness take over, both will be disappointed. Aries is not content with little in bed. After he has achieved the object of lust, he waits for active responses. He may even become completely lazy and passive, watching how events unfold further. But initiative in bed is not Cancer's forte. Cancer is ready to be the receiving party of affection, but almost never shows activity, especially in relation to a more daring and skillful lover.