Aries and Aries Compatibility

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Such unions are concluded quite rarely. The marriage between them is nothing more than a volcano with two craters, and one of them is always in working condition. And sometimes both work at once. The most interesting and remarkable thing here is that one Aries is not like the other. A light breeze for one will be perceived by another as a real storm, a hurricane. As the joint life of such couples shows, this union completely depends on the ability of one Aries to obey the will of another. Already during the "honeymoon" it will be found out who will tame whom, and which of them will become "domestic and tame". In the case of sexual relations, the woman will dominate. Aries' man will not be content with the role of a subordinate for a long time. Everyone will try to become a leader, and this will create an atmosphere of quarrel. Poor compatibility of signs.
Their love will be spontaneous and even reckless. Both will rush into it literally with their heads and will not notice anything around for a long time. Contrary to their unrestrained and even rude nature, representatives of one zodiac sign will love each other very tenderly and touchingly, themselves being amazed at where such reverence comes from in them. They will have a lot of pleasant dates and walks in romantic places. Partners are very tactile, they need constant hugs and touches, therefore, there will definitely be no shortage of them. The time spent together will leave a lot of happy memories, and in moments of quarrels, these memories will soften anger and prevent the couple from separating.

However, when jealousy intervenes in love, everything can turn upside down. The Aries man is incredibly jealous, he will never allow even an innocent flirtation of his chosen one with an outsider, not to mention more. The Aries woman does not belong to the cheaters, but she is active and loves attention from the opposite sex. It is this fact that can cause most conflicts.
The marriage of two representatives of the fiery element will not be serene and quiet. Local conflicts will break out in it sometimes, which, fortunately, will also be quickly smoothed out, most often in bed. It will be difficult for the spouses in everyday life. The Aries man does not tolerate painstaking housework and household help. His element is a battlefield, not walking around the entrance with a trash can. In addition, selfishness is one of the most striking character traits of Aries, which can greatly complicate life together.

But the Aries woman will require help from her spouse not only around the house, but also with children. This is where another reason to quarrel originates, because the Aries man wants to evade his domestic duty in every possible way. But he will spend time with children with joy. Two Aries before the birth of children, in fact, are children themselves at any age, and after becoming parents, they begin to grow up together with their offspring, becoming responsible and mature people.
Competition will manifest itself at all stages of collaboration, in whatever capacity Aries acts. For fruitful work, a combination is preferable in which a man becomes the boss, and a woman remains his right hand and companion. At the same time, an Aries woman is unlikely to agree to too low a position. The Aries woman is a good worker, but she needs to alternate periods of active work with periods of rest and relaxation, otherwise professional burnout is not far off, to which people of this sign are extremely susceptible. The Aries man is a good leader, but he will have to constantly control his emotions, namely anger.

If Aries work on an equal footing, they should avoid skirmishes in which a colleague's self-esteem may be hurt. Aries is scrupulous about matters of honor, and even more so in the professional sphere. So, if they want effective and fruitful cooperation, they will have to constantly keep themselves in check. It's very difficult for both of them.
Sex for the element of fire is an independent dish, and why it can exist separately, outside any relationship. It is not uncommon for an Aries man and Aries woman to meet exclusively for the sake of having sex, and do not see anything reprehensible in this. And there is nothing surprising in that, because the couple has an amazing compatibility in bed. Each of them is endowed with a hot temperament and incredibly powerful sexual energy, which make them give their all in the bedroom. Bed is the only place where the Aries man will allow the girl to dominate, and the Aries woman will be glad of the opportunity to enslave such a strong and unbending partner.

Lovers will not indulge in crazy experiments, their sex will be quite traditional, but it will be over the edge of fire and passion. The intimate side of life is so significant for two that they will eventually begin to catch themselves deliberately provoking quarrels, so that they can then fervently and passionately reconcile in bed. Moreover, the strength of such quarrels can be comparable to a volcanic eruption. The same force will then be a splash of emotions in bed.