Aries and Aquarius Compatibility

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This marriage union can be both happy and prosperous, provided that a strong Aries will not suppress the equally bright individuality of Aquarius, and the latter will not cause Aries feelings of jealousy. Statistics confirm that the most talented children are born from this marriage. The physical connection will be stormy and will bring a lot of new things. It is difficult to say who excites and attracts whom more. In this marriage union, if there are any problems and friction, they are not revealed immediately, but gradually, over the years. And here the principle of Aries "bending and breaking" will not work, because you will not bend and break the obstinate Aquarius very much. But still, Aries has the last word.
And the point here is not even that their characters fit each other. They are connected on a subtle level and feel each other. Aquarius should be treated very tenderly and warmly, helping him to feel his need and uniqueness.

And Aries supports change initiatives in return. The couple is devoid of pragmatism and can often arrange their paradise even in a hut. They are not inclined to accumulate, their main meaning is impressions and sensory experience. And there are plenty of them in the relationship of this couple. A harmonious love union.
Almost everything related to everyday life and routine is a complete failure for Aquarius, therefore, he does not believe in the institution of marriage. Aquarius performs with great tension a role that involves attachments and obligations. Aquarius cannot guarantee eternal love and devotion, and Aries needs just such guarantees. He is an owner, and does not want to share his partner with friends or with numerous hobbies.

Scenes of jealousy arranged by Aries may break out in the family. Aquarius does not understand this at all, because he himself is completely devoid of feelings of jealousy. But sincere love and a strong energy bond do not allow the union to break up, and it can successfully last a lifetime. They may not have children in marriage, because they do not particularly strive for this. In this case, attention and care will be directed to Aries.
Everything would be very good if there were no problems in the self-organization of both partners. Aries is hardworking and persistent, but he can't keep up the pace. Putting all his strength into a desperate dash, he soon runs out of steam and loses interest in the case. Aquarius, in principle, is loose and undisciplined. He is able to give out brilliant thoughts, but immediately forgets them, switching to others.

Therefore, the business and collaboration of these signs are under constant threat of collapse. A good option for work looks like this: Aquarius creates a project, Aries is engaged in its promotion, and someone else, capable of systematic and hard work, controls the progress of the case.
The sexual temperament of Aquarius is weaker than the partner. He is very interesting and outwardly attractive, however, not as sensual as Aries would like. And, although he more than compensates for some coldness with a kind disposition and the ability to be friends, Aries will feel some emptiness in bed.

Their sexual relations can become dull and mundane, primarily because Aquarius does not include sex among its priorities, sex is devoid of intimacy and special value. Aquarius is equally good with and without sex. This state of affairs is very upsetting for Aries. He takes everything personally, and believes that he is not loved. Although, of course, this is not the case.