Aquarius and Virgo Compatibility

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A strange union, can be both happy and not too much, depends on the partner's requests. In everyday terms, Virgo and Aquarius will not find understanding, and will spoil each other's lives. In terms of spiritual development and self-improvement, these relationships will bring more benefits. It is better to start a relationship with Virgo and Aquarius at a more mature age, then the chances of success are much greater. Mutual understanding and respect for each other come first in importance. At a younger age, the relationship is doomed to failure.
The compatibility of Virgo and Aquarius is hardly particularly successful. Aquarius is not particularly responsible, and therefore, even when people love each other, sooner or later, but Virgo's patience bursts. Although these relationships can be quite interesting, and if they are described in a nutshell, we can say that this is an attempt to restore order in utter anarchy. Most of all, this compatibility is beneficial to Aquarius, who pretends to be an overgrown child, and Virgo has to literally babysit him. These two signs have different ideas about life, about its values, they think differently, and they speak – too.

Therefore, it is not surprising that they very often simply do not understand each other. Aquarius is more inclined to trust his intuition, while Virgo intends to take into account only specific facts, and strives to ensure that the formulations are as accurate as possible. At first, Virgo sincerely likes the attention of Aquarius' partner, it literally inspires her, but very soon the first charm passes, especially when Aquarius realizes that Virgo is somehow trying to limit it to certain limits. Partners simply understand that they were deceived in their ideas or were deceived.
Let's talk about the compatibility of Aquarius and Virgo in family life. For some reason, it is considered that Aquarians are extremely eccentric. Indeed, it happens that sometimes they do not come to their own wedding, but in general, partners born under this sign turn out to be quite old-fashioned. And if they sometimes try to bully, it's just to tease you. Aquarius usually has a lot of friends, and all because he simply can't imagine his life without participating in solving someone's problems. At the same time, your family's problems may well remain behind the scenes. It's not out of spite, he just doesn't notice them. Although, if suddenly, you, Virgo, share your or your common problems with him, Aquarius will readily take up their solution.
If Aquarius finds himself in a leading position, in relation to Virgo, then it will be quite easy for them to get along. It is only important that Aquarius himself turns out to be a true professional. However, Aquarius should be the highest professional in his field. For this quality, Virgo can forgive a lot – and excessive mannerism in behavior, and a passion for good cologne and other little pranks, however, if nothing useful is hidden under the external gloss, Virgo will not be able to work under the guidance of Aquarius and will definitely quit. But if Virgo turns out to be the leader, then she needs to try to make the atmosphere in the team as friendly as possible, because Aquarius simply cannot stand squabbles and nervousness.
Although the sexual compatibility of this couple is not very bad, it is very rare for Virgo and Aquarius to reveal their potential. Well, what do you want? Earth and air – it is very difficult for them to understand each other. Aquarius loves to experiment very much, and some of his fantasies can terrify Virgo, because for her a lot is in the forbidden area. Although, sometimes the excitement of Aquarius can captivate a strict Virgo, so much so that all those taboos that are recorded in her subconscious will be instantly erased from there. It is with Aquarius that representatives of the Virgo sign can get an idea of their true sexual temperament, which can be very difficult to achieve with someone else.