Aquarius and Taurus Compatibility

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Taurus and Aquarius originally belong to different elements (Air and Earth), which is why their union is waiting for a very difficult path. The couple's relationship will be tense, they are completely different in temperament, and they look at life differently. This complex union, between Taurus and Aquarius, does not provide what is necessary for each of them, not in everyday, not in spiritual terms. The ideas about everyday life of these signs are diametrically opposed, communication develops not at all the qualities that are needed for the spiritual growth of the individual. However, such compatibility is quite common in real life, Aquarius gets emotional pleasure from the bright emotions of a partner.
A very difficult union, full of emotional tension on both sides. Aquarians strive to carry out constructive transformations, to reform the reality surrounding them, they are full of new grandiose plans and, of course, this causes great concern for Taurus, who prefer a firm established order. But there are also advantages. Taurus's patience allows these relationships to persist, and the prospects that Aquarius sees give them development. A reasonable combination of revolutionism and conservatism allows you to avoid stagnation and a deadly routine for relationships.

For perfect compatibility, Aquarius needs a quiet shelter, where he could return after his next adventures, and Taurus has every opportunity to provide this shelter for him. However, even her angelic patience is not infinite. And if Taurus is still able to put up with the constant absence of Aquarius. Then periodic infidelities become a real tragedy. In addition, a partner born under the sign of Taurus may lack care and attention from Aquarius.
Although Aquarius refers to permanent signs, he understands the need for change and, moreover, their inevitability. Therefore, he is open to the world, new people, and can be happy only by being involved in the events happening around him. Aquarius' sharp analytical mind makes him dig to the very essence of things. If you want to interest such a partner, hope for compatibility with him, then tell him about the problem that worries you, be sure that after a while he will share with you its possible solution. Aquarius is completely indifferent to the cozy fluffy carpet or thick terry towels in the bathroom, he is much closer to the Spartan living conditions in a tent or bamboo mats, like Japanese. However, do not be deceived by his apparent coldness, in fact, Aquarius' emotions are beating over the edge.
There is also a misunderstanding in business relations. Aquarius seems to the practical and down-to-earth, firmly standing on his feet Taurus unnecessarily pretentious and eccentric, which will constantly annoy Taurus. Indeed, is the refined aesthetics of the workplace really necessary for fruitful work? After all, it is much more important that it is just convenient. Of course, there will be constant conflicts between the representatives of these two signs, and it is completely independent of which of them will take the place of a leader and who will take the place of a subordinate.
Here, too, not everything is so simple. At first, the curiosity inherent in Aquarius by nature, irresistibly attracts him to his partner, while Taurus is attracted by the physical side of bodily intimacy. In the bedroom, Aquarius does not immediately reveal all his needs, he prefers when the process develops incrementally, as for Taurus, he does not hesitate to rush into the passion that has seized him. At first, everything goes fine in compatibility between Taurus and Aquarius, but after a while, a man can simply get bored, he can't have sex exclusively, he still has so many important things to do. And in the most intimate relationships Aquarians are primarily attracted by their intellectual component - and to talk? – whereas Taurus is much more interested in physical intimacy. So it turns out that the passion of Taurus constantly falls under a cool shower, which is doused by Aquarius.