Aquarius and Scorpio Compatibility

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Scorpio makes great emotional demands, but for Aquarius, even a love affair is just another way to expand his horizons. Scorpio will not tolerate Aquarius' independence and will not understand his careless attitude to love. Aquarius is too dispassionate and has too many extraneous interests to approach a jealous Scorpio with his developed sense of ownership. Scorpio will try to dominate, but he will be disturbed by the unpredictability and freedom of Aquarius. Scorpio wants to stay at home, Aquarius wants to wander. And so on — until the end of the Scorpio-Aquarius relationship.
Aquarius is a very unpredictable sign, and in such compatibility it can behave especially unusually. This will cause Scorpio's jealousy and force him to show his possessive instincts. Scorpio, one way or another, will connect all the ways available to him and will try to take a commanding position in this alliance. It is difficult to predict what will come of this, since these relationships themselves are an amazing mix of Scorpio's stubbornness and Aquarius' unpredictability. It seems that both partners live together, and yet, they exist completely independently of each other. Scorpio and Aquarius have a good compatibility, but at the same time they are each on their own. Aquarius becomes the clear leader, whereas in fact Scorpio stands behind him, who often turns out to be the gray cardinal controlling the situation.

Scorpio is full of a secret passion raging in him, and Aquarius looks coldly detached. Aquarius forces Scorpio to do household chores, while he himself largely restricts Aquarius' freedom, imposing on him his own ideas about the order of the world order. Aquarius turns out to be much weaker than Scorpio and willingly obeys. Although from time to time he tries to expand or even break the framework set for him and commits unpredictable actions that allow him, however, to remove the burden of the tension that has accumulated by this moment. And again everything calms down.
Aquarius does not try to hide his true feelings or wear masks. If something upset him, you, Scorpio, will immediately notice it. But what he thinks, Aquarius does not always say. And not at all because he is insincere or trying to hide something from you. It's just that his thoughts are much ahead of his words, and he does not have time to express them out loud. Aquarians also love to surprise people, and sometimes they just want to see amazement on your face, Scorpios. So, for example, you can complain for a long time that your car is already quite old and worn, while Aquarius pretends that he does not hear you at all. Suddenly, one day, waking up in the morning, you will see a new car under the window, which you have been dreaming about for so long. When you throw yourself on your beloved's neck, he may well pretend that he has no idea what he is talking about.
Business relations between Scorpio and Aquarius largely depend on personal ones. If Scorpio and Aquarius get along well with each other or even are friends, then the joint work will proceed very well. Aquarians should know that Scorpios work well only if he likes the task he received, or Scorpio's dissatisfaction will lead to a rather nervous atmosphere. Even better, if Scorpio has the opportunity not to sit in the office all day, but to take work from home or work remotely. Aquarius also needs a calm friendly atmosphere, in addition, they must decorate the workplace in accordance with their own ideas about aesthetics.
Scorpios almost deify sex, realizing the power it has over people. Aquarius, on the other hand, treats physical intimacy somewhat more distantly, and in order for him to fully surrender to this process, he must fully trust his partner. As the compatibility of Scorpio and Aquarius becomes more and more complete, their mutual passion also increases, which, in the end, captures the partners entirely, so much so that they can spend whole days in the bedroom, getting out of it only to refresh themselves. Unfortunately, family life is something more, therefore, contradictions that arise in everyday life can also bring dissonance into intimate relationships.