Aquarius and Pisces Compatibility

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The union of Pisces and Aquarius seems unreal and doomed to collapse at once. Indeed, these signs are absolutely diametrically opposed, and even if at some stage they complement each other, disagreements will sooner or later come out on top. Aquarius is a pronounced extrovert, living in the future. Pisces, unlike Aquarius, are completely immersed in themselves, and generally live in a parallel reality. It is very difficult for these two to understand each other, their union is possible only with strong feelings and respect for the partner's lifestyle.
The compatibility of Pisces and Aquarius looks like nonsense, but there are several particulars that you should definitely pay attention to before making a final judgment: firstly, such a connection is possible in the case of a favorable alignment of the natal charts of partners, and secondly, Pisces perceive the world from an emotional point of view, Aquarians through reason, and how it is known that differences between partners often contribute to their rapprochement. Pisces will give the beggar the last shirt, Aquarians will take the initiative, according to which factories will be obliged to provide ready-made clothes to all the poor.

The naivety of Pisces intrigues Aquarians who do not tolerate ordinariness, and few people can compete with Pisces in terms of originality. Pisces is attracted by the natural power of Aquarians, despite the fact that it often causes their troubles. Aquarians are not impressed by unpredictability in love relationships. Already at the dating stage, they try to determine how much a potential partner corresponds to their way of thinking. Both have their own quirks, which in this case is a stimulating circumstance for their connection.
Aquarians very carefully monitor the correspondence of the real location of their things with their own ideas about where and how they should be located. This approach is due to the peculiarities of their consciousness, in which everything is assigned a certain place, whether it is an event of universal scale or the dislocation of their favorite vase. Most likely, it just won't occur to you, Pisces, that Aquarians have looked in advance for a place to find this priceless vessel on a specific shelf, and having deployed it in the most advantageous way, from their point of view.

It is also possible that they installed it at a strictly verified distance from the wall; so if you decide to hold this work of art in your hands, do it with a sigh and try to comply with all the conditions described above, putting it in its former position. To be serious, Aquarians do not like the manifestation of uncontrolled emotions, and they cannot stand - moreover, they hate - the betrayal of friendship. Aquarius is a fixed sign and, born under it, is able to endure inconveniences for a long time, however, you may be ostracized by your partner if he eventually gets tired of your usual sloppiness.
It is better to separate Aquarius and Pisces business relationships from interpersonal interactions, their compatibility will only benefit from this. The pair is effective in a wide variety of business projects where Aquarius' technical approach and Pisces' flexibility are required. At the same time, they together can undermine the unanimity of opinions of other business participants or the workforce, which is not good for commercial activity. Be careful and keep an eye on each other.
In sexual compatibility, the pair of Aquarius and Pisces is unpredictable. Aquarians will not allow anyone to get to them without preliminary tests. If they like someone, then they are likely to pretend to be uninterested in order to find out the nature of the feelings of the object of their sympathy. The ability of Pisces to understand allows you to maintain these relationships for quite a long time. Of course, from time to time, representatives of the watermark will indulge in their obligatory grief, but they will try not to express it too intensely, so as not to give Aquarius a reason to feel guilty, and Pisces instinctively know what they can scare him off with.

On the other hand, by getting a person as a partner who does not impose his principles on them and supports their idealistic perception of the world. Aquarians can arrange such an enchanting action that will reward Pisces for all expectations. The irony also lies in the fact that it is unclear which of them is able to "reward" whom. Aquarians will surely be caught off guard by the stormy reciprocal passion of Pisces. This closeness is determined by a rare manifestation of sensuality on the part of both participants.