Aquarius and Libra Compatibility

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Libra and Aquarius develop friendly and trusting relationships. There is no tension and conflicts in a couple, there is lightness and mutual understanding. However, in order to achieve full-fledged inner comfort, each of them will have to work on themselves. Both Libra and Aquarius belong to the air element, and it is she who best characterizes their relationship and compatibility. Partners look at the world the same way, it's easy for them to find a common language and get out of a possible conflict. In this union, partners are charged with each other's energy.
Libra and Aquarius understand each other perfectly and they may well become good friends. However, if Libra hopes for something more, they will have to make some effort and turn on the maximum of their charm. The fact is that Aquarius has a wide range of interests, and it can be extremely difficult for him to focus only on one thing, in particular, on his partner. At the same time, Libra sincerely reaches out to Aquarius, they themselves help those to develop spiritually, and at the same time, with the help of Aquarius, they move to new achievements and take new heights. But since both of these signs do not limit themselves too much to conventions and live in their own, fictional world that does not overlap much with the real one, it is extremely difficult for them to maintain constant compatibility.

Moreover, both Libra and Aquarius suffer more from far-fetched experiences than from what they really should pay attention to. The most trouble they get is ordinary everyday problems, because each of the partners has their own ideas about how exactly this very life should be arranged. The only advantage in this compatibility is that Libra, by virtue of its nature striving for balance, quickly finds a compromise that suits both sides. And although the financial support of the family falls on the shoulders of Aquarius, Libra is always ready to help him in this difficult task.
Aquarius is under the strong influence of Uranus, giving him tolerance for everything that comes his way. However, tolerance does not mean that Aquarius easily falls under someone's influence, not at all, as a permanent sign, he is extremely stubborn and will stand firm to the last. However, it is you, Libra, who quite often cannot convince Aquarius – it is impossible, but to direct his conviction in the direction you need. Otherwise, Aquarius is pleasant in all respects. He is smart, loves to travel and easily finds a common language with literally everyone. I am always ready to help if someone close to me needs it. At the same time, he knows and loves to earn money, which is extremely important for Libra.
Libra easily manages Aquarius in everything related to business or business relationships. But the most amazing thing is that Aquarians usually don't even notice it. The amazing tact of Libra allows them to direct their partner's efforts exactly in the direction that they need, while Aquarius creates a complete illusion that he acts completely on his own and absolutely free will. The compatibility of Libra and Aquarius is surprisingly harmonious. Both partners have warm friendly, almost kindred feelings for each other. They are always ready to lend one another their shoulder. However, when it comes to commercial transactions, you need to be careful, because neither Libra nor Aquarius have sufficient practicality and can easily burn out.
As for sexual compatibility, Libra and Aquarius have it quite successfully. Libra receives from Aquarius everything they can only dream of: tenderness, love and romance. And – intellectual communication. Aquarius certainly cannot be called stingy, and this fully applies to the emotional plan. The joy that both partners receive from physical intimacy helps them to a large extent to smooth out the rough edges that constantly arise between them in everyday life. Sometimes there is even a feeling that Libra and Aquarius were familiar for a long time, even in past lives and loved each other even then - so perfectly merge not only their bodies, but also their souls.