Aquarius and Leo Compatibility

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If opposites attract, then it's about a couple of Leo and Aquarius. The partners of these signs complement each other and form a single whole and are extremely rarely divorced. It is very important for the stability of the couple that Leo feels a strong personality in his partner. The compatibility of Leo and Aquarius is built on contrasts. Passion immediately arises between partners, their relationship can be called truly "hot". They can brawl, conflict, quarrel and make up, but they are attracted to each other and together they will be able to overcome all obstacles.
Leo and Aquarius have so much in common for compatibility that even at the first acquaintance they feel like they are irresistibly drawn to each other. But after some time has passed, the differences between these two signs inevitably begin to affect. So Leo just loves to be the center of everyone's attention, and Aquarius prefers to appear and disappear. At the same time, if Leo is usually responsible for his promises or actions, then Aquarius is just trying to avoid this by all means, shifting responsibility for others. Maybe a Lion. This behavior of the partner can be extremely unpleasant. In addition, a struggle for leadership often begins between representatives of these two signs, so instead of joining forces, they only prevent each other from achieving success.

Meanwhile, if Leo and Aquarius do not adhere to the restrictions imposed on them by society, but simply live for their own pleasure, following the adventurous nature of their character, then their union can be quite successful. Both of them just love to travel, have parties or just have fun. They usually have a lot of children, and both are excellent parents. Children do not bother them at all and they drag them everywhere with them, which only strengthens the relationship between partners and the whole family as a whole. Leo and Aquarius have a wonderful sense of humor in compatibility, which allows them to make fun not only of others, but also of themselves, which perfectly defuses even the most difficult situation. Even if the partner's spiritual aspirations seem frivolous to them, they are always ready to support each other, simply because they are one family.
The most important thing that you, Leo, need to know about this partner is that he is very careful about choosing his love. And if Aquarius told you that he loves you, it's worth a lot and speaks of the most serious intentions. In general, Aquarius is not used to throwing words around, his feelings are usually expressed in deeds. Perhaps he may seem abnormal to someone, but in reality, his behavior is just a way to isolate himself from the madness of the world around him and not take part in it.
Business relations between Leo and Aquarius are very difficult. The thing is that one of the partners is impulsive, while the other is completely unpredictable. For Aquarians, it does not matter at all what kind of environment surrounds them, an idea and a breakthrough are much more important for them, and Leo is not always ready to correctly evaluate Aquarius' crazy ideas, but it is important to him. to have comfortable and beautiful chairs in the office. The working capacity of the Lion largely depends on this. It is possible that Aquarius, in the end, will prefer to find a partner or an employee with less pronounced aesthetic needs.
Leo does not like any innovations in bed too much and the excessive eccentricity of Aquarius, who does not tolerate routine in anything, may not only seem superfluous to her, but in some ways even frighten her. At the same time, the physical attraction between these two partners turns out to be extremely strong and their sexual compatibility can be simply magnificent, provided, of course, that Leo is ready to meet the needs and desires of Aquarius, and he, in turn, somewhat spares the nervous system of Leo, without going too far. But even in this case, the intimate life of this couple will resemble a festive fireworks display.