Aquarius and Gemini Compatibility

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The partnership of Gemini and Aquarius can be built on friendship and mutual understanding, as well as on love and passion. In both cases, Gemini and Aquarius are comfortable together, and only selfishness can separate them. However, even after parting, they will remain friends. Between Gemini and Aquarius, romances are tied quite often, and most often they develop rapidly literally after the first meeting. The compatibility of the partners is good, because they are united by many things - common hobbies and interests, pleasant communication, similar temperament. Relationships develop smoothly, and most often remain easy and pleasant for a long time.
The relationship between Gemini and Aquarius is full of dynamics and has a very good perspective. Gemini may well find serious support in Aquarius for their endeavors, on the other hand, Aquarius does not bother at all, because for him it takes on the shade of some kind of game. Gemini's romantic fantasies provide food for Aquarius' creativity, at the same time, relying on his rich inner world, Gemini can reconsider some of their views and ideas or reform them in some way. The prospects for this union are quite favorable.

Both Gemini and Aquarius love and appreciate the company of other people, they have many friends, they willingly embark on trips, and they do it together, because they do not get bored with each other's company at all. Moreover, there are practically no changes in this compatibility. The couple is quite happy and only from time to time she has some rough edges, without which no family life can do. Petty quarrels only further strengthen mutual affection. The most important thing is not to be confined to everyday routine and not to limit your interests exclusively to family life. However, the Gemini-Aquarius union is not in danger.
There is nothing wrong with compatibility in this pair. Aquarius can easily invite you, Gemini, to have lunch, and then a trip to the cinema to watch a new movie is planned. When suddenly, when you have already put on your best dress and put on makeup, in the doorway you suddenly see a creature in scuba gear, mask and fins. The thing is that Aquarius has already changed his mind and decided that it is quite possible to have lunch at home, but for now he can dive and find you the best pearl in the world. Meanwhile, you take care of lunch. By the way, the movie is not canceled, and it is still possible to get there, if, of course, you hurry up. In general, life with Aquarius will be full of surprises and follies. But isn't that its main charm?
Both of these signs are extremely similar in their attitude to work. Both Gemini and Aquarius are extremely inventive, they try to bring what they do to perfection, to give a certain gloss to their product, but at the same time they really do not like monotonous routine work that does not require artistry, especially in the emergency mode. Aquarius is interested in the success of Gemini, but only because it promises him certain material benefits. Gemini outlines a general scheme of actions, and Aquarius is responsible for the strategy of its implementation. Already in the course of working together, Gemini and Aquarius begin to feel mutual sympathy, which affects the result in the most favorable way.
A pair of Gemini and Aquarius does not put sexual relations at the forefront. Of course, it's good that they are present, but there are still so many interesting things in life. Intimate relationships are just another attractive side, they are pleasant to engage in, just like, for example, crushing the bubbles of plastic packaging. There can be no dark corners here — only a sunlit space. Sometimes Aquarius even has to be reminded of what he is doing at the moment, because he is so distracted that his thoughts can wander anywhere. On the other hand, Gemini also enjoys not so much physical intimacy, but intellectual communication during it. In any case, sexual compatibility is wonderful, sex gives them mutual pleasure, and at the expense of what it happens is not so important.