Aquarius and Capricorn Compatibility

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It is difficult to find two more dissimilar people than Capricorn and Aquarius. But in the case of these two signs, they may turn out to be two halves of the same whole. From seemingly irreconcilable differences, in fact, they are not so global. These signs can form a happy couple. Aquarius, with his natural eccentricity, lacks seriousness and moderation, which is more than enough for Capricorn. He, in turn, is impressed by the spontaneity and freedom of the partner. Capricorn and Aquarius complement each other, but they may encounter minor problems in everyday life, Aquarius is terribly annoyed by the requirements for a clear order and organization.
Compatibility of Capricorn and Aquarius can not be attributed to the lungs in any way. Aquarius values his own freedom and independence most of all, in addition, he prefers diversity in life. Capricorn is all scared – he needs stability and a clear goal. Meanwhile, it is possible that it is the union with Aquarius that will make Capricorn's life less boring and bring variety to it. Partners are equally responsible for achieving professional success and spiritual research, conflicts can arise only on the basis of how traditional the path to these achievements should be. Capricorns are supporters of the traditional approach, whereas Aquarius is closer to non-standard and even paradoxical solutions. None of them are ready to talk about their feelings openly.

Capricorn prefers to keep his emotions under control, and Aquarius is too reasonable for this. And, despite the fact that at first everything seems to be in order with compatibility and partners are really good together, after a while alienation inevitably comes due to constant conflicts. Aquarius is too sociable, and Capricorn suffers very painfully. Aquarius is not used to staying at home, home for him is nothing more than a place where you can come to relax and gain strength. Capricorn cannot put up with the constant absence of a partner, he prefers to spend evenings in a narrow family circle, rather than while away them alone. At the same time, he is absolutely not ready to go with Aquarius in search of adventures. In general, neither partner is able to sustain such a relationship for too long.
Aquarians can charm you literally at first sight. But after some time you will need to remind them of your existence. And the thing is that representatives of this sign live in a special world created by their imagination. In this world there is no word "yesterday", there is only the word "tomorrow". Aquarius is fully focused on the future, which he plans on his whim, this way, that way. At the same time, few people around are able to achieve even the most seemingly incredible goals to the same extent.

Especially if he has your support, Capricorn. With such compatibility, it is you who can give this partner the emotional stability he needs so much. And, in addition, Aquarius can turn out to be a charming lover and a very devoted partner. Just do not give him too much money in his hands – Aquarians are prone to spontaneous spending.
No one can do a better job than Capricorn, that's the whole point of his life. But he is also able to create the necessary conditions for Aquarius. To do this, Capricorn has the necessary tact and practicality. He can understand how to arrange everything in order to get the most out of a partner. It is especially good if Capricorn and Aquarius will be connected not only by business, but also by friendly relations. In this case, Aquarians work even more selflessly. Surprisingly, Aquarius takes even critical comments from Capricorn quite calmly, because he understands that Capricorn sincerely supports the final result of the case and all his advice, in the end, only benefits.
As for the intimate compatibility of Capricorn and Aquarius, here, like everything that happens with Aquarius, is completely unpredictable. Aquarius can treat sex in different ways: as an obligatory marital duty, with curiosity, enjoy intimacy or show complete impartiality. However, Capricorn is also not inclined to overestimate this part of the relationship, he just takes them for granted, and makes love without any special emotional outbursts. In principle, the intimate relationship of this couple is quite harmonious, since no one expects too much from a partner, although Aquarius can sometimes give physical love some unreality. But the most important thing is that both partners are quite satisfied with them.