Aquarius and Cancer Compatibility

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The union of Cancer and Aquarius is very difficult and unpredictable. A gentle, sensitive Cancer freezes near a cold Aquarius. On the other hand, an affectionate, overly frank Cancer deprives Aquarius of a sense of freedom. Impetuous, unpredictable Aquarius is irritated by the caution and indecision of Cancer. Thin-skinned Cancer is offended by the sarcastic humor of Aquarius. With such compatibility, Cancer does not understand the natural dispassion of Aquarius. Cancer needs closeness and security, Aquarius is a lone wolf. Sex can be bright, but nothing connects a couple of Cancer women and Aquarius men anymore.
Aquarius and Cancer have a very difficult compatibility, in which serious tests can await the spouses. The affected party usually turns out to be Cancer, which made erroneous conclusions from the initial ardor of Aquarius, while he very soon begins to manipulate his partner without hiding. Cancers have an increased sensitivity, and this behavior of Aquarius can affect not only their emotional state, but also their physical health. Everything can end up with a serious nervous disorder or a psychosomatic illness. Meanwhile, partners often really feel a serious attraction to each other, based on a common interest in the unknown. Questions of the human psyche, esotericism and so on.

But Aquarius will not like those earthly bindings that Cancer will definitely want to throw on him. There is a complete mismatch of temperaments – Cancer is immersed in emotions, he lives by them, while Aquarius, on the contrary, is extremely cold-blooded, he is only interested in events. Emotions are simply not available to Aquarius, and therefore he is not able to appreciate his partner. Material prosperity can play some role in strengthening compatibility, when Cancer understands why it is necessary to endure and agrees with it. This union can end quite unexpectedly, when even partners who have lived in a long marriage simply diverge in different directions, as if there had never been anything in common between them.
Like all partners, Aquarians dream of perfect compatibility and a devoted girlfriend. The trouble is, Cancers, that your devotion resembles the ocean in size. Aquarius becomes too wet and uncomfortable in it. Aquarius does not tolerate restrictions on his freedom, otherwise he simply will not have enough fresh air. He is not ready to exchange his independence for even the most tender hugs. And even more so, he will not accept if these hugs become more like shackles. You can't wait for Aquarius to come home exactly at the appointed time, and it's useless to remind him about it. Aquarius is always in free flight, it's useless to cry about it. Otherwise, he will just fly away forever.
Cancer and Aquarius are best able to cooperate somewhere in the field of art. Cancers understand people better, literally at the level of intuition, so they should take a leadership role on themselves. However, both Cancer and Aquarius are endowed with practical acumen, which helps to cope with many financial problems. Partners can establish a common business and are always ready to give each other a shoulder, especially if they are moving towards a common goal. But they are unlikely to have a heart-to-heart conversation, although on the other hand, they simply will not have time for it.
The strong sexual attraction that arises between Cancer and Aquarius is primarily explained by the fact that Cancer is controlled by the planet – Moon, and Aquarius is controlled very much by Uranus. In the bedroom, there is complete compatibility between these partners, which they cannot achieve in ordinary life. Aquarius is able to awaken in Cancer a strong and unbridled passion, which she can take for an obsession. Therefore, the intimate life of these signs is full of true joy. Unfortunately, marriage cannot be based on sex alone.