Aquarius and Aquarius Compatibility

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Aquarius and Aquarius often come together, oddly enough, such compatibility can hardly be called successful. Despite the same characters, temperaments and ideas about life, this is the case - when there is simply not enough similarity. One of the partners most often sacrifices his interests for the stability of the couple. In their compatibility, Aquarius and Aquarius can be quite harmonious, due to the mutual desire for freedom. These are extraordinary people, and there will never be a place for boredom, routine and hackneyed life in their relationship.
The peculiarity of Aquarians is well known both to themselves and to others. They are proud of their exceptional individualism, which is a defining characteristic of their personality. Aquarius and Aquarius belong to the type of people who are satisfied with their own lifestyle. When two such unusual individuals meet, a spark of recognition immediately runs between them due to the feeling of the close presence of a kindred soul. It gives them pleasure to communicate with people who, like themselves, use intellectual methods of cognition of reality and strive to find meaning in every phenomenon. Aquarians are known for their zealous approach to everything in the world, including friendship, which is only strengthened when partners become lovers.

The concept of "friends" means a lot more to them than a romantic relationship, since friendship implies not so much a need for another person as a constant openness to him. Despite the fact that Aquarians are a fixed sign, it takes them very little time to find mutual understanding and start acting as a couple. Well, not really paired. Despite the fairly good compatibility, partners can behave quite independently of each other as spouses - perhaps even more independently than during the courtship period - however, the very presence of a person capable of objective perception of their partner makes them incredibly comfortable. However, from the philistine point of view, such relations cannot be called normal.
Aquarius, you should recognize that you are capable of destroying your own family hearth. Sometimes you are so convinced of the truth of your ideals that you do not notice their blatant impracticality. For example, you are convinced that marital partnership should be based on equality and sharing of responsibility (outside the family, you can become a mouthpiece of hope for many!). Said - done: you immediately organize a noisy campaign for equality, but in the midst of it, it suddenly turns out that the partner takes up all your time without a trace, and therefore the native partner has to cook, clean, look after the children, and run around on business... and all this in connection with and in the name of your ongoing struggle for justice. And if a partner, God forbid, decides to complain about his life, you can ostracize him and even severely punish him for not understanding the enormity of your plans - even if their implementation negatively affects the well-being of your own family. So, Aquarius, sometimes you should "turn on the light" on the dark side of your personality.
At work or in business, Aquarius and Aquarius have good compatibility and can cooperate, but only in a rather strange way. They often feel good in a creative team or when they don't have a lot of mutual contacts. Partners can also communicate with each other if necessary, give each other advice and advice. Therefore, stick together at your work, you need the support of a partner in financial activities.
Aquarians like to go against any rules. In particular, they resist the standards that exist in the romantic sphere. For most of us, intimacy is a consequence of mutual heartfelt affection, but not for Aquarians. For them, she is a product of the mind. Sometimes the love prelude of Aquarius and Aquarius has the form of a heated argument about the origin of the Babylonian Empire. The opportunity to express conceptual thoughts to someone who is really able to understand them - what can be compared with this pleasure? And who should even care what they do in the bedroom?